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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Promotional Plastic Keychains- Spread Your Message In A Colorful And Casual Way


The most effective custom gifts are something that are used regularly and can be easily carried around by the recipients. A perfect promotional gift that matches this equation is imprinted plastic keychains. No matter what type of business you are in, keychains make versatile gift ideas that not many people can resist. People use different […]

How Custom Compass Keychains Make Personal Survival Tools


Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere, especially during adventure activities and outdoor fun season when people go all out in search of pure fun and adventure and are willing to go that extra mile for that absolute holiday experience. So, if you have been looking for a popular promotional item that will never fail to impress […]

Custom Keychain Gifts – Trending Models 2017


Custom keychains have been popular party favors and promotional gifts since yore. Trends change, patterns emerge and disappear, but custom keychains have always been part of the promotional circuits and gift lists. So, if you are planning a summer wedding, a family reunion or a corporate holiday, here are some trending models in custom keychains […]

Why Custom Leather Keychains Never Go Out Of Style


Ever wondered why leather gifts are popular? These are inherently stylish and elegant. People who have a taste for the finest things in life often gravitate towards fine leather when it comes to choosing gifts. Businesses can thus easily tug the hearts of their audience by exploring these custom leather keychains that offer a bit […]

Custom Laser Engraved Keychains- Make Your Brand Imprint Stay Longer


Promotional products are tried and tested items to promote businesses as everyone likes to get free gifts. It works on the simple equation of reciprocity; when you hand out a gift for someone they will be encouraged to support you or return the favor in some way. Unlike billboards and radio spots, promotional items have […]

Bottle Opener Keychains- A Great Gift At Small Price


How to define a good gift? Often we get queries like this from enthusiastic marketers who wish to throw in some good gifts into their marketing mix. Ideally a good promotional gift is something that is functional and always at use. So, if you are not quite sure about what to give to your customers […]

Measure Your Promotional Success With Custom Tape Measure Keychains

Measure Your Promotional Success With Custom Tape Measure Keychains

A tape measure is something everyone needs; be it to measure the new table, do some DIY garden hedges or and in countless other tasks. You can even measure your waistline and tummy to make sure that it is in perfect shape before the BBQ party season sets in! No matter what you choose to […]

Business Card Acrylic Keytags – The Smart Custom Gifts With A Huge Promotional Value


Business cards make the first point of contact for any brand with their customers, which mean that these have to be impressive and well retained. Often paper business cards will get torn or get trashed more often. That is what makes these durable acrylic keytag business cards hugely popular as these double pull as keychains […]

The Promotional Product Trends For 2017 Suggest That High Value Gifts Will Be the Latest Rage


How to choose the most popular custom gift? Though it might seem like a million dollar question, the answer is pretty simple. The easiest way to impress your audience will be to choose the most trending gifts of the season. We have the promotional product trends for 2017 that will surely help marketers to choose […]

Custom Keychains- There Is Something Special For Every Business


Keychains make perfect gifts for all businesses and you can find a perfect model that relates to your field of business. Choosing a keychain that will easily remind your recipients of your line of business will go a long way in making your brand popular. For instance, if you are planning a promotion of your […]