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Monthly Archives: October 2014

What Do Customers Expect from a Custom Keychain?

Custom keychains can easily become brand builders and relationship catalysts for anyone because a “key” is the key for our social wellbeing and security. They are affordable, compact, adorable, and one of those practical items that people love the most and are required to carry at all times. Here are some reasons why we feel […]

Which Custom Keychain May Work For Your Business?

As you might be already aware that custom keychains can be availed in different shapes, sizes, colors and budget sizes and they can work perfect for all types of business. However, if you are specific about finding a typical keychain for your business, then you should consider the target audience and their needs. Here we […]

What do Customers expect from a Custom Keychain?

If you are planning to hand out custom keychains during the next promotional event, take some time to analyze customer’s expectations from your gift. Here are some least common expectations that customers may have with promotional gifts that you offer them – Purpose – Any customer who receives the custom keychain expects it to secure […]

What are the popular promotional keychains under $1?

If someone has told you that, you cannot secure a worthy promotional gift under $1. Perhaps they are blindfolding you or they do not know anything about promotional keychains under$1. Here we have tried to inform you about such custom keychains under $1 after scouting different websites selling custom keychains. Custom Bottle Opener Keychains –These […]

What are the Best Summer Marketing Custom Keychains?

With summer fast approaching and mercurial heat awaiting its turn to peak and competitive heat gathering the storm, you might be worried about making the best of season. Look no further because you can easily do it with custom keychains. If you are confused about choosing the right kind of custom keychains for your promotions, […]