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Monthly Archives: August 2018

Logo Keychains Make Thoughtful Gifts For Everyone

Custom Printed Beverage Opener with Key Ring

Imprinted Keychains carry your message wherever your customer goes as it makes a portable, direct advertisement for your business that travels with your client. The best part is that logo keychains cost only a fraction of other forms of direct advertising, which makes it a great choice for mass promotional events like tradeshows and mailer […]

Branded Keychains Make Collectibles That Hold The Interest Of Everyone!

 Customized Square Tape Measure with Level Keychains

Keys may be commonly used to open doors, cupboards and vaults, but they also open doors to culture, social issues, sporting events and more that we often didn’t know existed. The ever increasing populace of people who take up the hobby of collecting keychains (copoclephilists) in itself is the proof for the incredible popularity that […]

Bottle Opener Keychains – Custom Gifts To Build Up Brand Buzz!

Promotional Aluminum Bottle / Can Opener Keychains - Green

Everyone needs keychains and bottle openers alike in their daily lives. Probably most people use it many times a day, which will prove how popular these logo items can ever be.  Bottle opener keychains make gender neutral and versatile gifts that will fit all types of promotional themes. The big plus of custom bottle opener […]

Custom Bottle Opener Keychains Make High Utility Marketing Tools

Custom Printed Beverage Opener with Key Ring

The main objective of using promotional products in marketing campaigns is to grab the attention of potential customers and potential clients towards their brands and businesses. Ideally the custom gifts that you choose should be unique and high utility items that people will find useful and interesting. Custom bottle opener keychains will make a great […]

How Custom Keychains Evoke The Principle Of Reciprocity In Business Promotions

Promotional Round Beverage Wrench Bottle Opener Keychains

Reciprocity is something that is so natural to humans because it enables them to survive in the society. Needless to say the principle of reciprocity is applicable in all realms of life including business promotions. When applied prudently, this marketing strategy will easily set your business apart and retain and impress customers. How The Principle […]

Custom Keychains- Make Your Brand Part Of The Personal Style Of Your Customers

Custom Round Bottle Opener Keychains

As they say, keychains are tell-tales of the personality of the person carrying it. A keychain can indeed tell a lot about a person including their life style or hobbies. Studies show that 89% of customers remember brands that hand out custom gifts and that is a big reason why you should opt for popular […]

Custom Keychains Make Excellent Gifts For Color Themed Events

Custom Printed Western Saddle Key Tags

Fall season unveils a dramatic display of changing colors when leaves change color from green to orange, yellow, brown  and a palette of various brilliant shades. To complement the season, people often come up with color themed parties and events. No matter whether you are planning a color themed store promotional event, corporate event or […]

Custom Keychains That Double Up As Emoticons- Show Your Feelings!

Promotional Happy Mood Maniac Stress Reliever Keychains

All over the world, emoticons have become a rage these days in interpersonal communications and to convey our emotions and thoughts. It makes an easy way to communicate how we feel about something. Emojis make it easier to convey even the subtlest of thoughts without having to say a word and avoids unnecessary misunderstanding in […]

Top 4 Keychains That Make Excellent Travel Accessories

Custom Cylinder Light Keychains - Translucent Ruby Red

The fall season followed by the big fat holidays is the most popular travel season in the country. Marketers who wish to put their brand on a wide angle display on a low investment can consider travel accessories like custom keychains as promotional items. Choose keychains models that come handy during every trip and customize […]

Custom Keychains – Enhance Your Brand Profile On A Budget

Promotional Round Beverage Wrench Bottle Opener Keychains

Businesses look for budget friendly custom gifts to enhance their brand profile and spread their message. Custom keychains will make a universally popular handout to strengthen your offline marketing strategy. Promotional keychains are well received by every genre of audience of all age groups and demographics. Offered in a range of models and color choices, […]