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Monthly Archives: September 2020

Custom Keychains – How to Exploit the Branding Potential

Leather Accent Keychains

Have you been investing your resources in custom giveaways that are kept aside and rarely used?  If you don’t want to take a chance, put your dollars on the classic gifts of custom keychains. These are always in fashion and incredibly functional. Everyone needs it every day; so can there be a better place for […]

 Custom Keychains – What Makes It The Best Giveaways Even Today?

UltraHyde / Silver Keychain Rings

Keychains are immune to style and seasonal changes and yields great value as a stand-alone product. Budget friendly and easy to distribute, custom keychains can be a great vehicle to get your message far and wide. Jazz up your promotional keychains with flair by imprinting fun quotes and intriguing taglines that turn heads. Make sure […]

Benefits Of Custom Made Keychains – Must Read

Original Bullet Light Keychain Flashlights

Most marketers find it a challenge to find a custom gift that suites the tastes of the audience,  their demographics and even the  seasonal trends. This is where custom keychains give marketers a long rope in planning their campaigns as they wish. Custom keychains are perennially popular all over the world across all audience groups. […]

Imprinted Keychains – Promotional Gifts with Assured Return on Investment

Convertible Car Shaped Keychains

The two key attributes that make any promotional handout a clear winner are visibility and utility. Among the popular custom gifts in this league are custom keychains. Available in countless models and colors, keychains are easy to customize to make these reflect your brand identity. Keychains can engage your audience with your message as they […]

 Custom Keychains Will Put Your Brand On The Move

Guitar Bottle Opener Keychains

Custom keychains offer a fabulous opportunity for marketers to spread their branding and promotional message to a wider audience at one time investment. Traditional promotional items like newspaper ads or billboards have only a short shelf life, which make them incapable of making repeat impressions. That is what makes popular handouts like custom keychains truly […]

Custom Keychains  –  Timelessly Popular Choice In Custom Handouts

Metal/ Simulated Leather Keychains - Silver/ Black

You’d think in this digital age, handouts that are something simple like keychains would be dead as Dodo! Today, there are many other ways like keyless security and biometric locking system  for people to remain safe and the remarkable convenience  technology can offer. However, people still reach for their good old companion of keychains at […]

How Imprinted Keychains Cover All Promotional Bases

Personalized Bicycle Keychains

Custom keychains have always been an ideal addition to your marketing armory for its high utility and popularity. Today, there are many combo models in custom keychains that can perform various other functions apart from holding the keys of your recipients. Check out some of these combo keychains models that will make a value added […]

 How Promotional Keychains Bring People Together

Eye Shape Bottle Opener Keychains

Popular custom gifts like keychains not just promote the brand but create oneness among the audience and boost social interaction.  It is a great way for marketers to get their prospects engaged with their brand through a light hearted dialogue. It is amazing how custom gifts offer the possibility of understanding or relating to each […]

 Custom LED Keychains – Light Up Your Branding On A Budget

Rectangular Flash Light With Compass Keychains

 Here comes a promotional product that is not just highly useful but will also light up your brand – literally! Flashlight keychains are the ultimate crowd pleasers in budget promotional items. Offered in various shapes, these keychains will put your brand on a spotlight with its light up feature.  Get your logo, mascot or message […]

Custom Keychains – Handouts That Stand the Test of Time

Floating Keychains

Marketers always strive to look for promotional gifts that ensure the maximum value for their  money. Novelty gifts that are cheap and cheerful may have an immediate impact which can  fade off quickly with time.  If you are looking for long lasting brand impressions, you need to invest in custom products which have a longer […]