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Monthly Archives: September 2019

 Custom Keychains As Graduation Gifts- Tips

Soccer Cap Bottle Opener Keychains

Choosing graduation gifts can be a challenging task in its own right because the youth can be quite unpredictable in their tastes. It is impossible for colleges or family members to know the tastes of the  grads before they shop for gifts. This is what makes timeless and versatile gifts like keychains a great choice. […]

Custom Carabiner Keychains For Sports Themed Promotions

Carabiner with Bottle Opener and Keychain Rings

Choosing custom gifts that will please everyone in the mailing lists while staying within the budget is easier said than done for most organizations. However, popular handouts like custom carabiner keychains make it all look very easy for marketers. Everyone needs keychains to keep their countless keys safe and well organized Carabiner keychains do much […]

 Custom Keychains As Handouts For Employee Welcome Kits

Ellisse Metal Keychains

Employee welcome kits will ideally contain custom items that the new hires find useful. From pens, notepads, erasers and more, it can have anything that is functional and that fits your budget. Keychains make a unique item for employee welcome kits. They will find it useful to keep their office keys safe and tag the […]

Imprinted Keychains Make High Visibility Promotional Items For Auto Sores

Leather Key Fobs

Sales of new vehicles in the U.S. rose slightly in 2018, during which approximately 5.3 million passenger cars were sold to customers in the United States. The auto industry in the country is showing an upswing, which has infused fresh vitality among auto dealers. To make the most of the upbeat trend, and get more […]

Custom Keychains for Promoting Home Maintenance Services

Truck Shape Tape Measure Keychains

The home improvement market share in the US was valued at over USD 460 billion in 2018 and it is all set to grow further in the coming days due to stringent green building regulations coupled with higher household spending. Home improvement services that undertake plumbing, electrification, landscaping and maintenance works are likely to have […]

5 Good Reasons Why Keychains Make Popular Business Gifts

Eye Shape Bottle Opener Keychains

Choosing a gift can be easier said than done at times. Often people risk a wild guess on what their recipients does have and does not have while short listing their custom gifts. Looking for something that will be useful to your recipients? May be an item that makes sense to every age and gender? […]

Custom Keychains –Small  Yet Great Gifts!

6cm Carabiner With Split Keychains

Gone are the days when keychains were used just to carry keys for convenience. Today, keychains have become multifunctional accessories that can carry out a variety of tasks.  These small gifts have become truly interesting and popular in recent times. Everyone needs keychains in their day to day lives. Surprisingly , even in today’s digital […]

Bottle Opener Keychains – The Best Handouts For Every Wish List

Beverage Opener with Key Ring

Nobody can leave their beer during this outdoor season. To celebrate this world famous beverage and American’s favorite drink you need a perfect bottle opener. As people gather with family or friends and enjoy their favorite beer, these handouts will come out into the open, grabbing easy attention of everyone around. Custom bottle opener keychains […]

How Important Keychain Attachments Are

Keychains With Twist-Top Bottle and Can Opener - Black

Keychains have a decorative part and a functional part of a key ring that actually holds the keys and enable the users to add and take out keys as required. The keyring is made of metal like stainless steel or alloy to make it durable and sturdy. Here are some of the most common key […]

Custom Bottle Opener Keychains – Open Up Your Promotional Campaign In Style

Guitar Shape Bottle Opener Music Keychains

Bottle opener is common item in our daily life. We need it to open beer, wine and in fact any beverage of your choice. By handing out personalized bottle opener keychains you have a handy way to pop the top of bottles anytime, anywhere. Every tailgating party and camping trip needs a sturdy bottle opener […]