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Monthly Archives: March 2019

Custom Keychains Change Brand Preferences of your Prospects

Custom 6cm Carabiner With Split Keyring And Nylon Strap Keychains

Custom keychains do not have a strong often intrusive marketing pitch like say a brochure or a billboard; yet freebies like keychains always remain in plain view of your customers thereby promoting your brand in a subtle yet effective way. Result- your recipients will have a light hearted dialogue with your message without being overwhelmed. […]

Imprinted Keychains – Handouts That Ensure More Value For Your Promotional Dime

Promotional Super Bright LED Flashlight With Swivel Split Keychain Rings

Looking for a custom gift that offer more value than their cost? Keychains are perfect examples. These logo items may have a low sticker price but they offer a high value for your recipients in terms of utility; and you get more value for your promotional investment. Win-win! To make your customers feel well appreciated […]

Custom Keychains Are Gifts That Everyone Can Easily Relate To!

Custom Printed Beverage Opener with Key Ring

Let’s be frank about it-keychains have an old fashioned charm even in this robotic age of keyless security. Probably not many custom gifts can match the popularity of keychains. Guess why? They are gender neutral and versatile, which means they make perfect handouts during any type of promotional events.  Be it tradeshows, milestone events or […]

Custom Alloy Keychains- Long Lasting Handouts That Your Recipients Will Adore

Personalized Rectangular Shape Chrome Metal Key Holder with Gift Case

Keychains often remain exposed to weather elements. People carry these around exposing it to sweat, heat, rain or snow, which could pose a greater risk of rusting for metal keychains. If you want your promotional keychains last long and look classic, consider alloy keychains that are made using zinc and other materials. The unique composition […]

Custom Keychains – Stylish Giveaways That Will Never Leave The Sides Of Your Recipients

Customized Oval Compass / Keychain Rings - Black

Keychains are something everyone needs- to stay safe with their keys, as style statements or even as travel souvenirs. Unlike other promotional gifts that people may not require all the time, keychains are something that they cannot afford to forget. The incredible functionality is what makes keychains a perfect choice. Offered in a range of […]

Bottle Opener Keychains – Perfect Handouts For Your Brand

Promotional Round Beverage Wrench Bottle Opener Keychains

Customer handouts are dime a dozen. You can choose from a range of items, color and price points. But how to find handouts that are simply the best; something useful but affordable, branded without being intrusive. That is what makes bottle opener keychains a great choice for marketers to get their point across. These are […]

Custom Keychains – Repeat Brand Impressions on a Budget

Customized The Serratura Pull Apart Metal Keychains

Everyday items like keychains can literally put your brand, bang on target in front of your audience. The basic idea of promotional items is to get your audience reminded of your brand and make repeat impressions. Billboards and newspapers have only a short shelf life and often fail to create a long lasting impact; however […]

Wholesale Keychains- Get More Value For Your Marketing Dollars

Custom Printed Corrara Keychains

Promotional products keep your brand in plain view of your audience thereby enhancing the brand recall and exposure. The best promotional products should ideally be easy to use and carry. How about key chains? These products are something everyone needs, which means your brand on these will be seen, many times a day- not just […]

Soft Toy Custom Key Tags That Have A Massive Appeal

Custom Soft Black Bear Key Tags with X -Small T -Shirt

Soft toy custom keytags offer the best of both the worlds of a stress ball and a delightful keychain at the same time. These soft touch keytags that enjoy a cute personality will stand out easily and will make your message sound interesting. Light weight and easy to distribute, these keychains are well suited to […]

Custom Gifts For Celebrating Your Achievements With Your Customers

Promotional Round Beverage Wrench Bottle Opener Keychains

For businesses, sharing the happy moments and milestones with the customers makes a proud moment. It will go a long way in strengthening the relationship with their customers. Show your customers how much they mean to them by handing out custom handouts imprinted with your brand. Being on a budget need not take the steam […]