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Tape Measures Keychains

Custom Tapemeasure Keychains –Handouts That Your Audience Will Actually Use

Tapemeasure Keychains-

Custom Tapemeasure Keychains will promote your brand with every use as these useful handouts are something everyone will find handy. If you are looking for a custom gift for your associates or clients,  imprinted tape measure keychains will make a great choice.  These items are perfect for passing out at trade shows, expos, conferences and […]

Let The Tape Measure Keychains Measure The Success Of Your Business

Personalized Tape Measure With LED Flashlight Keychains

Are you planning for your next event and you need something to boost or pump it up? Do you want to draw a crowd at your booth during the tradeshow event? Do you want to invest in promotional items but you do not have a huge budget? Promotional items come in different forms and sizes […]

Low Cost Multi-Function Tape Measure Keychains – The accurate way of business promotions

Low Cost Multi-Function Tape Measure Keychains – The accurate way of business promotions

Choosing the most popular promotional gifts can go a long way in making your brand campaign successful. Every marketer strives to find the best gifts in town that will surely appease their target audience without breaking the budget. Innovative gifts like multi function tape measure keychains will make a safe bet to consider because nobody […]

Extend Your Promotional Budget With Custom Tape Measure Keychains

Extend Your Promotional Budget With Custom Tape Measure Keychains

New Year is the time when most people come up with a fresh set of resolutions and the most popular of which is to shed calories and get fit! It is a different matter how many of them actually stick to their goals and attain a fit figure by the end of the year. However, […]

Custom Tape Measure Keychains- Popular Gifts Won’t Cost You A Fortune


What is so special about tape measure keychains? These are highly useful and most people won’t remember to buy them for themselves. We all need tape measures during all those DIY tasks and keychains to carry around our keys safely; so you can very well imagine the double promotional effect of these custom gifts. Low […]

Measure Your Promotional Success With Custom Tape Measure Keychains

Measure Your Promotional Success With Custom Tape Measure Keychains

A tape measure is something everyone needs; be it to measure the new table, do some DIY garden hedges or and in countless other tasks. You can even measure your waistline and tummy to make sure that it is in perfect shape before the BBQ party season sets in! No matter what you choose to […]

House Shape Tape Measure Keychains- Drive Home Your Brand Message With Ease

Custom House Shape Tape Measure Keychains

Tape measures are something that we all need for homes and offices to cater to all the DIY tasks. Be it to measure the table or window sizes, these tape measure keychains come in handy. The history of tape measures date back to the Roman era when marked strips of leather was used as tape […]

Custom Tape Measure Keychains- Product Spot Light

Personalized Mouse Shape Tape Measure With Tail Ring Rope Keychains

We all need tape measures at one time or the other but interestingly it is something that nobody buys! That is precisely what makes custom tape measure keychains excellent logo gift ideas. If you are looking for a gift item your recipients will want to hold on to for a very long time, look no […]

Let These Tape Measure Keychains Determine The Success Of Your Promotional Campaign

Customized Square Tape Measure Keychains - Blue

Are you looking for a promotional tool that will help you measure the success of your campaign? It is always a good thing to invest in items that serve a dual purpose simply because these items will be put into good use. Nobody wants to invest into promotional items that are of no use. You […]

Start Measuring Success with Custom Tape Measure Keychains

For some of you, it may sound silly about carrying tape measures always, but you never know when you will require them. Whether you are at the popular lifestyle store or flea market or hardware shop or even around home trying to buy curtains for windows or so, you may need to measure something or […]