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Monthly Archives: April 2017

What Makes Custom Keychains A Great Fund Raising Item


Keychains will make a quick sale item as everybody needs keychains for their home, office or on the go! Offered in every theme under the sun literally, custom keychains are available in countless models like sports themes, multi tool keychains, coil keychains and a lot more. Choosing a fund raising item can be confusing as […]

Why Metal Keychains Make An Elite League Of Promotional Items


Symbols of beauty and elegance, custom metal keychains make a long lasting way to get your message out. Metal keychains are available in dime a dozen models and prices that are too good to be true as bulk orders carry the best discounts. The best part is that your brand and message engraved on these […]

Wedding Favor Keychains – The Time Tested Gift Ideas That Have Grown Popular With Time


Some things never lose their charm no matter how many years go by! Wedding favor keychains is a perfect example of such a well coveted gift item that people find it hard to resist even today. What is so special about these wedding favor keychains? First of all, everyone uses keychains to keep their keys […]

Drive Home Your Message In Style With These House Shaped Keychains


Keychains make highly popular promotional gifts and party favors even in this age of key less security and biometric security system. Everyone simply loves these nondescript and simple daily use items that not just keep their keys organized but also make extensions of their personality. A keychain will easily tell the personality of a person- […]

Put Your Brand Right Into The Hands Of Your Recipients With Custom Leather Keychains


There are only a very few promotional items that can literally put your brand right into the hands of your customers and custom keychains is one of them! Small, compact and stylish, keychains make perfect choices for mailer campaigns and as tradeshow handouts. However, keychains are available in a range of models and styles and […]

Multi Tool Keychains- Combo Gifts That Will Never Fail To Impress


Multi tool Keychains have a quirky charm about it as it brings together the versatility of a multi-tool combined with the convenience of accessibility of a keychain. These multi tool keychains do away with the need to carry around a bunch of rattling tools in your car and are the perfect size for a number […]

Bottle Opener Keychain Models That You Cannot Afford To Miss This Party Season


Bottle opener keychains will not just open spirits but will also keep up the spirit of your promotional campaign! Bottle opener keychains have become a popular gift choice to promote brands and events these days thanks to its high popularity and low rates. So, if you have been looking for the most popular bottle opener […]

Carabiner Keychains – The Best Way To make your brand travel


We all have seen the sturdy load bearing carabiners that are commonly used during sailing and rock climbing. Now these carabiners have also become part of keychains much to the delight of multi tasking enthusiasts. These small sized carabiners may not have load bearing capacity and cannot be used for climbing. However, they function in […]

Custom Bottle Opener Keychains- The Fun Way To Put Your Brand On A Portability Curve


Customized bottle openers will make a great promotional item on a budget simply because it is a daily use item that not many people can resist. Whether you are going on a picnic, a beach holiday or just a weekend party it is a good idea to have a keychain bottle opener in hand. Apart […]

Custom Luggage Tags- Let Your Recipients Take Your Brand Wherever They Go


With the Spring break holiday fervor in the air, it is a perfect time to consider custom luggage tags as promotional gifts for marketers who wish to make their brand well seen. These ubiquitous items are cost effective, highly functional and attention grabbing alike. Everyone needs these when they are travelling to keep their luggage […]