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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Flashlight Keychains With Carabiners – A Perfect Gift To Cater To The Active Life Style Of Your Recipients


In the age of supersonic jets and real time business deals, marketers too may need custom gifts that cater to the active life style of their recipients. Most people prefer smart gadgets that can handle multiple tasks and keep pace with the maddening speed of their lives. This custom flashlight keychains with carabiners will give […]

Whistle, Light And Compass Keychains- Fun And Functional Custom Gifts That Will Impress Everyone


An ideal promotional item should have fun and functionality in equal doses. If you thought such gifts exist only in imagination, check out these custom whistle, light and compass keychains. These are not just keychains but make great safety items, fun toys and a source of light at dark all at once. Cost effective and […]

How Custom Keychains Make Interesting Summer Promotional Items


Keychains may not ring a bell as a typical summer promotional item for most of us. However, it is interesting to note that summer is not just about beach balls and sunglasses all the time. Check out our interesting collection of custom keychains that will unlock a plethora of promotional opportunities for marketers. Still thinking? […]

Ultra Hyde / Silver Keychain Rings – Product spotlight


If you are looking for a professional looking custom gift for your special clients, you may need something elegant as these ultra hyde silver keychain rings. Available in various color strap colors like brown or blue, these custom keychains bring together the best of both the worlds of metal keychains and leather keychains. These silver-plated […]

Summer Season Themed Custom Keychains For Outdoor Promotions


If you are wondering whether summer season has anything to do with keychains, the answer is YES. Summer is the time when most people set out on their outdoor picnics and road trips and to cater to their special needs during the season, we have added some great keychain models that will make anyone’s holidays […]

Flag Themed Keychains Make Perfect Gifts For July 4th Celebrations


Celebrate the birthday of United States of America with these trendy flag themed acrylic keytags from Budget Keychains. These patriotic gifts will make great gift basket items, employee gifts and store promotional items. These red, white, and blue themed gifts will put your brand in front of the recipients and will highlight the patriotic profile of […]

What Makes Personalized Keychains The Best Gifts On Father’s Day


If you thought that the Father’s day gift list always ends in flashlights or neck ties, you could be in for a surprise. Did you know that keychains make one of the most popular and budget friendly gifts for Father’s Day? Easy to shop, mail and store, these budget friendly gifts are something that you […]

Custom Metal Keychains- Leave A Permanent Brand Imprint Among Your Audience

custom keychains

Businesses are constantly planning innovative promotional strategies to connect to their target audience and to drive up their brand visibility. From the traditional leaflets and brochures, to banners and tradeshow handouts, there are quite a lot of popular promotional strategies. However, if you are looking for a long term impact at easy rates, there is […]

Exciting Ways Custom keychains Work For Your Brand


Promotional gifts have always been part of the marketing swag of businesses. Be it to enhance the brand awareness or increase the tradeshow traffic and improve the brand recall and the market presence, custom gifts can do a lot! However, not all custom gifts are alike. Some promotional items like custom keychains remain perennially popular […]

Product spotlight- Promotional Bottle Opener Keychains


As they say, a thankful customer is always a repeat customer and this makes the basic equation around which successful businesses work! Gifts, discounts, appreciation mailers- there are countless ways for marketers to show how valuable their customers are. Making the audience feel special and well appreciated will enhance their affinity towards your brand. Even […]