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Monthly Archives: April 2020

6 Benefits Of Using Custom keychains

Leather Accent Keychains

Many advertisers seek budget friendly custom gifts that make impressions and boost their brand image.  One of the most popular choices in this genre of promotional items is custom keychains. Designed to match the needs of everyone, keychains stand out everywhere and are often on the move. Promotional keychains enable marketers to target a much […]

Custom Keychains – The Best Handouts To Promote Your Key Message

Bicycle Shape Bottle Opener Transportation Keychains

Keychains that have been around for a long time have been evolving to meet the changing life styles and fashion traits of the users. From being a simple ring to hold keys keychains  today have become multi tools, flashlights and stylish accessories that everyone will love to flaunt! Infinitely useful, custom  keychains make a smart […]

Things That You May Not Have Known About Promotional Keychains

Clip-On Bottle Opener Keychains

Reports show that 89% more people are likely to remember businesses that handout useful handouts during events. Here are some unbeatable reasons why keychains make the best of the lot in promotional items What Keychains Mean To Others Keychains reflect the personality of those who carry it. People carry them for different reasons More than […]

6 Solid Reasons  To Advertise With Custom Keychains

Horse Shape Custom Bottle Opener Keychains

Looking for an effective handout that people will see all the time and use regularly?  You have many reasons to consider advertising with custom keychains!  If you need a great marketing plan that will get the word  out about your business, keychains will make a great choice.  It makes and effective way to gain traction […]

How Custom Acrylic Keychains Increase Your Potential Customers?


Let’s be frank about it! Custom gifts are proven tools for business promotions and to put your brand at the top of the edge. Choosing popular freebies like keychains which are crowd pullers in their own right will make a huge difference in your brand popularity. Offered in a wide range of models and colors, […]

Custom Metal Keychains Make Perfect Handouts for Customer Appreciation Week

Deluxe Bottle Opener Keychains - Silver

Customer Appreciation Week is around the corner. You need an elegant, high utility and above all a budget friendly handout to make your customers feel special. Metal keychains will make durable, attractive and well retained gift choices for your customers. Get your quote and thank you message  laser engraved on these stylish keychains to leave […]

8 Reasons To Add Branded Keychains To Your Promotional Mix

 Imprinted Curved Rectangular Metal Keychains

Keychains are something everyone needs and uses many times a day irrespective of who they are or what they do! Popular across gender groups and demographics, keychains help people to stay organized and add some order to their challenging task of keeping the keys at easy access. Most people even identify their different sets of […]

Tips To Use Custom Keychains In Different Marketing Contexts

Dual Function Laser Pointer And LED Flashlight Keychains

Matching the right promotional gift with your marketing context is the toughest part of choosing a promotional item. A wrong choice can leave the campaigns fall flat!  So, if you need a versatile custom gifts that will match not just your line of business but the tastes and preferences of your audience as well, look […]

Custom Keychains Awareness Gifts Help Prevent The Spread Of Coronavirus

Deluxe Aluminum Can & Bottle Opener Keychains

As the world faces Covid-19, the biggest calamity since Second World War, it has been a relentless battle for government organizations, health care professionals and nonprofits to cut down on the calamities and halt the spread of germs.  What makes it even more challenging is that not much is still unknown about the novel coronavirus. […]

When Brand Promotion Is The Key You Need Custom Keychains as publicity items

Bicycle Shape Bottle Opener Transportation Keychains

Who doesn’t wish to be able put a stop to the ever-frustrating search for keys every day? Reports show that keys happen to be one of the most frequently misplaced items in every household. Everyday, people spend a lot of their productive time to find misplaced items. Now you can help your customers locate their […]