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Monthly Archives: December 2016

What Keeps Promotional Keychains Popular Even Today?


Custom Keychains are one of the very few logo gifts that go wherever your customer goes. Thus by putting your brand on these, you are assured of a wide angle display and portability for your brand. It is like a moving billboard for your business or event and yet costs only a fraction of other […]

Five Dynamic Reasons That make Key chains Great Promotional Items


Though keychains have been around for decades, its popularity has only increased by the day. The trending fashion these days seem to be the more custom keychains in one’s possession the more his fashion sense. Add to it the big plus- others hear your keychains click together as you walk. For businesses, promotional keychains make […]

Keychains – From Real Life to Reality Shows, Keychains Are Everywhere


Let’s be frank about it! Custom keychains are one of the most popular and cost effective promotional items. Available in various materials that range from metal to plastic and leather, there is something special for everyone in these logo keychains. Keys may all look the same but keychains are what makes each bunch unique and […]

Quirky Gifts Are Always Popular – Novelty Keychains Are No Different


Christmas is round the corner. Let’s be frank about it! Unlike traditional Christmas celebrations of the yore, contemporary Christmas festivities is all about festive jumpers, white elephant gift parties, mint Baileys, mind boggling gifts items and more. No matter whether you are looking for party favors or promotional gifts during this holiday season, novelty gifts […]

What Makes Custom Carabiner Keychains Popular Promotional Items- Ask Our Experts


If you are planning to promote your brand, the advertising experts will unanimously suggest to use promotional gifts. However choosing the best gifts is what makes this task really challenging and interesting. Custom gifts that have been around for quite a while will not impress people; look for unique and inspiring gift ideas like promotional […]

Custom Metal Keychains – A Perfect Holiday Season Gift In Everyone’s Wish List


Everyone has wishes in their life and if you ever plan to set up a wish list for your customers or employees for their holiday season gifts, metal or bottle opener keychains will surely be one of the entries for sure. We at budget keychains had set up a wish list for our team for […]

Custom Keychains Are Still One Of The Most Popular Tradeshow Hand Outs That Can Get People To Your Booth!


Tradeshows are excellent opportunities for businesses to reach out to a massive crowd at the same time. Businesses spend a lot to book a tradeshow booth to introduce their brand and display their products to their clients. However, not all booths attract a good crowd. Have you wondered why? It is the tradeshow hand outs […]

What Makes Custom Keychains Ideal Promotional Gifts For Small And Medium Scale Enterprises


Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) often have to handle the challenge of a low budget marketing campaign to promote their business. Contrary to the common notion, a low budget campaign need not be any less effective. Custom key chains have one of the lowest costs per impressions, which means that the marketers will get […]

Custom Messina Retractable Metal Keychains- Product Spot Light


When you need something exotic in promotional gifts that will leave a long lasting impression in the minds of your customers, look no further than these pretty showpieces of custom Messina retractable metal keychains. Made to last a life time, these elegant metal keychains can be laser engraved with your brand and message. The polished chrome […]

Cool Keychains That Are Not Just To Hold Your Keys!


Keychains that we use to keep our keys safe and well organized can add personality to the keys and help us to easily pick up keys from similar looking keys. Keys may all look similar; but keychains can be different and these add personality to the ubiquitous keys and help people find them easily. This […]