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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Customized Metal Keychains- The Best Loyalty Gifts To Thank Your Regular Customers


Loyalty gifts are best way for businesses to thank their regular customers and make them feel special and well appreciated. Customers that keep coming back play a big role in keeping the sales graph ticking not just when they shop with you but also by referring their friends and contacts to your stores. Word of […]

Coiled Keychains – Nonstop Fun And Loads Of Brand Exposure


Slinky is a silly and fun toy that can keep people engaged for hours on end. Invented by Richard James in the early 1940s, this toy has taken the world by storm virtually as it can perform a number of tricks, including climbing down a flight of steps, stretching and coming back to its original […]

Flashlight Keychains- Maximum Brand Recall At The Lowest Cost


Looking for a promotional gift that is low in cost but will never fail to impress your audience? Check out these custom flashlight keychains that will push most other promotional items into oblivion. While most gift items can get lost in the shuffle as days roll by as these combo items that bring together flashlights […]

Did You Know That Flag Themed Keychains Make The Best Fund Raising Items For Memorial Day

Flag Themed Keychains

Memorial Day is not just an occasion to honor the fallen heroes but also to celebrate the spirit freedom and the pride of national flag. The star and stripes design of the US Flag, popularly known as the Old Glory that was first designed in 1777 makes a highly popular theme in Memorial Day gifts […]

Custom Keychains- The Popular Handout To Promote Your Brand


Custom keychains will make an effective and practical way to promote your business. More and more companies are resorting to the idea of handing out promotional gifts because newspaper ads and TV spots have become costly than ever before and has become less efficient in grabbing the attention of the audience and retain their interest. […]

Under $1 Dollar Custom Keychains – Too Good To Be True!


Custom keychains are one of the most potent marketing tools for sure. Everyone uses these many times a day, these are small and easy to carry around and are available at rates that are cheap as chips! So, if you have not tried using custom keychains so far in your promotional campaign, take a closer […]