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Flashlight Keychains

 Custom Flashlight  Keychains- Get More For Less!

Original Bullet Light Keychain Flashlights

Keychains have indeed come a long way since being plain and boring tags that were designed just to keep the keys organized.  Today, marketers can choose from a wide range of custom Keychains with add-on features that make lives easier. Offer your clients and customers something more than just an ordinary keychains by choosing innovative […]

Let your Business Lead the Way with Custom Flashlight Keychains

Oval Keychain Flashlights

Light up your brand and your prospect’s way with custom flashlight Keychains. Reusable and innovative, these reusable Keychains save money and are well received by your audience as well! Show your message in the best light with custom flashlight Keychains that are available in different sizes, shapes and colors. Studies show that most consumers prefer […]

Custom Flashlight Keychains- Timeless Handouts That Promise Double Brand Impressions  

Retro Flashlight Keychains

What makes custom keychains a popular handout is  its incredible functionality. Everyone loves a freebie and when the gifts happen to be something multi functional  as flashlight keychains, the appreciation goes up manifold. A great way to add style to your custom keychains is to imprint a funny message or an artwork. It will make […]

Custom Flashlight keychains – Value Added Gifts for your Clients

Whistle, Light And Compass Keychains- Red

How many times have you find yourselves groping in the dark – literally, in the deserted parking lot during a power outage or storm? Trying to find the apartment keys from an overstuffed bag in the darkness is nothing short of a nightmare.  This is what makes custom flashlight keychains a great choice. Your recipients […]

 Custom LED Keychains – Light Up Your Branding On A Budget

Rectangular Flash Light With Compass Keychains

 Here comes a promotional product that is not just highly useful but will also light up your brand – literally! Flashlight keychains are the ultimate crowd pleasers in budget promotional items. Offered in various shapes, these keychains will put your brand on a spotlight with its light up feature.  Get your logo, mascot or message […]

Top Reasons Why Branded Keychain Flashlights Make Great Promotional Items?

Bottle Opener and Light Keychains

Even plain keychains enjoy incredible popularity among the audience. So, you can imagine how popular these combo keychains that offer the added benefit of a flashlight will be! Hugely practical, these logo items are highly recommended for every home and vehicle. These logo items will keep the keys safe all the while ensuring a source […]

4 Real Life Situations Where Custom Flashlight Keychains Come Handy


It is yet again time to brace up for the frigid temperatures and blizzards as, yetanother spell of winter is around the corner. The shorter days and power outages will all mean how important it is to have an easily accessible flashlight in hand for people. Business owners will find the winter solstice on December […]

Flashlight Keychains Make Great Winter Promotional Items

Customized Mini Rectangular Flashlight With Compass Keychains

The winter season is almost here and marketers often scout for free gifts to drive up the pace of their brand promotions. During winter everything falls into a limbo and business promotions too are not an exemption. To cut through this haze, marketers need to include practical gifts that are useful for  the customers. More […]

Flashlight Keychains- Maximum Brand Recall At The Lowest Cost


Looking for a promotional gift that is low in cost but will never fail to impress your audience? Check out these custom flashlight keychains that will push most other promotional items into oblivion. While most gift items can get lost in the shuffle as days roll by as these combo items that bring together flashlights […]

Grab The Best Deals On Custom Flashlights Just In Time For Winter


Light up gift items have always enjoyed a high popularity among recipients. Anyone would love something that glows and glitters and this is what makes LED keychains an instant crowd pleaser. Cost effective and impressive, light up keychains are perfect choices for tradeshows, store promotions, mailer campaigns and more. Everyone uses keychains in their daily […]