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Monthly Archives: September 2018

The Best Ways to Use Promotional keychains to Market Your Business

Customized Square Tape Measure with Level Keychains

Custom keychains make a great way to keep your name in front of both existing and potential customers. Whether you believe it or not, custom products still play a crucial part in the marketing strategy of businesses. Promotional keychains can be imprinted with your brand or artwork to make it unique and to tell others […]

Everything That You Need To Know About Custom Keychains


Keychains are not just for keeping a set of keys safe but can be employed in countless contexts including to promote brands and as corporate gifts and party favors among others. Businesses can spread their message by handing out custom keychains that are imprinted with their own customized branding on it. Budget friendly and highly […]

Tips To Turn Custom Keychains into Powerful Branding Tools

5cm Custom Carabiner With Split & Nylon Strap Keychain Rings

Promotional keychains make an excellent way to create brand awareness of a company. Customize these daily use items with your brand and message to make it a high value gifts that people will cherish for a long time. Offered in a range of styles and designs, logo keychains will make a great addition to the […]

Custom Keychains- Limitless Branding Options At A Low Investment!

Promotional Round Beverage Wrench Bottle Opener Keychains

Keychains have a delightful charm about them. Though most people use them for keeping their keys well organized and safe, keychains are equally popular as collectibles and holiday souvenirs. Bring alive the nostalgic charm of these simple items with a  fabulous range of metal, plastic and leather keychains that make engraved keepsakes. Why Are Keychains […]

4 Brilliant Reasons That Make Imprinted Keychains Effective Promotional Items

Custom Round Bottle Opener Keychains

What makes custom keychains a potent marketing tool? Small, practical household items make effective marketing vehicles to get your brand into the pockets and desks of your potential clients. On an average, a family will have over 6 sets of keychains to keep their keys organized. Everyone needs keychains in their daily lives. The best […]

Personalized Keychains Make Trick Or Treat Gift Bag Items

Custom Dragon Shape Bottle Opener Animal Keychains

Choosing the most intriguing Halloween gift bag items is nothing short of an art. If you are looking for something beyond the classic favorites of chocolates and candies, this blog post might spring up some surprise gift ideas for you! Halloween  is the sum total of  hilarity, spooky fun and getting downright scary and funny. […]

Happy Customer Stories # 4- Custom Round Acrylic Keytags As Grand Opening Gifts

1.75 Inch Custom Printed Round Acrylic Keytags

A wise man has rightly said happiness gets doubled and grief halved upon sharing! We make it a point to share the stories of our happy customers who come back to us often. In this edition, we have great pleasure in introducing our happy customer Gogo Heinrich, who needed a popular yet budget friendly gift […]

The Underlying Secret Of The Popularity Of Custom Keychains- Exposed!

Customized Car Shaped LED Flashlight Keychains

Custom keychains may look a bit common and modest in the list of promotional items. But these logo items continue to leave their name in the hall of fame year after year, thereby reinforcing their popularity as custom gifts. Have you ever wondered what makes logo keychains a great ingredient in the marketing mix? Here […]

Beat The Competition On A Budget With Custom Keychains


The biggest challenge for any business owner is to cut through the promotional clutter and to make his brand stand out. In a fiercely competitive field, it takes far more than the ordinary to impress the audience.  When the advertising dollars are limited, marketing becomes all the more difficult especially for small and medium-sized operations […]

Custom Keychains As Tourist Souvenirs – A Quick Guide

Personalized Round Triple Spinner Rosarno Metal Keychains

Keeping the keys well organized is a great challenge for everyone especially travelers because all the keys look alike, which means that it is easy to misplace it if you keep them individually. Keychains are offered in a range of models and colors, which makes an easy way for the users to identify the keys […]