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Product spotlight- Promotional Bottle Opener Keychains

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As they say, a thankful customer is always a repeat customer and this makes the basic equation around which successful businesses work! Gifts, discounts, appreciation mailers- there are countless ways for marketers to show how valuable their customers are. Making the audience feel special and well appreciated will enhance their affinity towards your brand. Even corporate gifts work in a similar pattern. Simple acts of appreciation, a thank you gift or a pat at the back can all go a long way in making your team confident and happy.


If you are looking for a cost effective gift item that is useful and popular, look no further than these bottle opener keychains. People often land in a soup when they realize that they have to do a ninja act to pop the top of the bottles. Custom bottle opener keychains will make sure that your recipients will have a handy bottle opener at hand every time they carry their keys. It is a win-win situation because when the recipients get the dual advantage of a keytag and a bottle opener, your brand exposure will go up by double!

Functional gifts like custom keychains or bottle openers will enjoy a long retention as everyone needs these items in their daily lives. The more visible your logo item is the more will be the visibility for your brand on this. Most logo items sit on a desk or stay hidden in a purse or a bag while keychains are carried by your recipients wherever they go. Just imagine the exposure your brand gets on these items in its life span. Be it on the party tables, offices, golf weekend or picnic, these light weight and compact gift items will continue to spread your message faster and farther unlike newspaper ads or billboards that have a very short shelf life.

To put your brand fresh in the minds of your audience with a short attention span, you may need something that is popular as bottle opener keychains. Most people hold onto key chains for years and even distinguish the identical looking keys with keys. It is interesting that people take note of a trendy looking keychain instantly, which in turn will make an interesting talking topic in their friends and family circle. These custom keychains thus trigger word of mouth publicity, which means that your brand will reach a highly diverse audience than what you might have thought at the beginning of the campaign.

We have an interesting collection of bottle opener keychains

Ultra Thin Flashlight With Metal Bottle Opener Keychain Rings: Hand out the 3 in 1 advantage of a bottle opener, a flashlight and a keychain and make your recipients lifetime fans of your brand.

Customized Ultra Thin Flashlight With Metal Bottle Opener Keychain Rings

Squirrel shape bottle opener keychains: Shaped like the cute squirrels in your garden, these keychains will grab a few extra eyeballs for their smooth and unique shape. Go for it!

Customized Squirrel Shape Bottle Opener Animal Keychains

Bottle Opener and Light Keychains: can you guess what is common between a flashlight and a bottle opener? Both are essential items in daily life and the best thing is that nobody knows when they may need it!

Promotional Logo Bottle Opener and Light Keychains

Need more? Browse our collection and choose a model that matches your needs. Bulk orders carry the best discounts

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