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Metal Keychains

Custom Metal Keychains – Logo Gifts That Are Hard To Resist

Custom Metal Keychains-

Imprinted promotional items have always been part of the marketing swag of businesses. Hand outs like keychains are something that everyone would appreciate, be it as handouts during corporate Christmas party, an incentive or a store promotional gift, these logo items will make a great way to sneak in your brand into the hands of […]

What Makes Custom Metal Keychains Excellent Promotional Handouts?

Metal Keychains

One thing that most people can’t do without in their daily lives is keychains considering the fact that everyone has to deal with multiple sets of keys of their home, office, cabinets, safes and cars on a daily basis. They may even have a duplicate set of all these keys and keeping all these identical […]

Custom Due Toni Metal Keychains- Product Spotlight

Custom Imprinted Due Toni Metal Keychains

Custom imprinted due toni metal keychains make a stylish gift with an unbeatable identity. Made to tug the hearts of the beholders, these keychains make perfect party favors, employee gifts and store promotional items. The polished metallic body with brushed metal center will make a great blank canvas for placing the brand and promotional message. […]

Custom Metal Keychains- Leave A Permanent Brand Imprint Among Your Audience

custom keychains

Businesses are constantly planning innovative promotional strategies to connect to their target audience and to drive up their brand visibility. From the traditional leaflets and brochures, to banners and tradeshow handouts, there are quite a lot of popular promotional strategies. However, if you are looking for a long term impact at easy rates, there is […]

Customized Metal Keychains- The Best Loyalty Gifts To Thank Your Regular Customers


Loyalty gifts are best way for businesses to thank their regular customers and make them feel special and well appreciated. Customers that keep coming back play a big role in keeping the sales graph ticking not just when they shop with you but also by referring their friends and contacts to your stores. Word of […]

Why Metal Keychains Make An Elite League Of Promotional Items


Symbols of beauty and elegance, custom metal keychains make a long lasting way to get your message out. Metal keychains are available in dime a dozen models and prices that are too good to be true as bulk orders carry the best discounts. The best part is that your brand and message engraved on these […]

Custom Metal Keychains – A Perfect Holiday Season Gift In Everyone’s Wish List


Everyone has wishes in their life and if you ever plan to set up a wish list for your customers or employees for their holiday season gifts, metal or bottle opener keychains will surely be one of the entries for sure. We at budget keychains had set up a wish list for our team for […]

Custom Messina Retractable Metal Keychains- Product Spot Light


When you need something exotic in promotional gifts that will leave a long lasting impression in the minds of your customers, look no further than these pretty showpieces of custom Messina retractable metal keychains. Made to last a life time, these elegant metal keychains can be laser engraved with your brand and message. The polished chrome […]

Nothing Tells Your Brand Image Better Than Metal Keychains – Why?

Personalized Round Triple Spinner Rosarno Metal Keychains

Most businesses spend a lion’s share of their time and money to craft its brand image. Promotional gifts and advertisements play a major role in creating the right image. However, choosing inappropriate promotional gifts can water down even a well planned marketing strategy. Instead of choosing gift items at random, choose freebies such as custom […]

Metal keychains VS plastic keychains- A comparison

Personalized Round Triple Spinner Rosarno Metal Keychains

Custom keychains are great options as gifts, promotional items and even as fund raising items. Last week, we got an interesting query from Mark, one of our regular customers who was looking for a promotional gift keychain. He wanted our assistance to help him choose between metal and plastic keychains. This was how our product […]