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Carabiner Keychains

Get Your Recipients Hooked To Your Brand With Custom Carabiner Keychains

make a cost effective way to leave your brand in front of the audienceAdd heading

Carabiner Keychains not just hold the valuable keys but ensure hands-free convenience for the users. Easy to get attached to the belt straps, bags or purses, these logo items are available in various sizes and models too. The best part is that custom carabiner keychains will make a cost effective way to leave your brand […]

Carbiner Keychains – A Perfect Custom Gift Option For People On The Move

Carbiner Keychains – A Perfect Custom Gift Option For People On The Move

The basic D carabiner keychains that have come a long way since its modest origin as a college tradeshow promotional item sits proudly on the top list of the custom gift list even today. These keychains stirred up a lot of interest by flaunting a carabiner design inspired by the load bearing carabiners used in […]

Carabiner Keychains: Big Hit Custom items for budget promotions

Carabiner Keychains_ Big Hit Custom items for budget promotions

Carabiner keychains that are inspired by the massive load bearing carabiners commonly used in sailing and rock climbing activities have become a tip roaring success. Incredibly popular and trendy carabiner keychains work under the gate mechanism by opening under pressure and closing when released. It can hold keys and other light weight objects like lanyards […]

Carabiner With Bottle Opener And Keychain Rings- Best Selling Keychains

Carabiner With Bottle Opener And Keychain Rings- Best Selling Keychains (1)

Choosing custom gifts that will please everyone in the mailing lists and staying within the budget makes a tight rope walk for marketers. However, gifts like custom keychains will make it all look very easy for marketers. Everyone needs keychains to keep their countless keys safe and well organized and a family may need an […]

Promotional Carabiner Keychains – More Than Just Key Holders!

More Than Just Key Holders!

Holiday gift season is very much on and it is time for businesses and party revelers to think of a custom gift item that will never fail to impress people. If you are on a budget and are looking for a personalized gift that will appease both men and women in your audience, look no […]

Flashlight Keychains With Carabiners – A Perfect Gift To Cater To The Active Life Style Of Your Recipients


In the age of supersonic jets and real time business deals, marketers too may need custom gifts that cater to the active life style of their recipients. Most people prefer smart gadgets that can handle multiple tasks and keep pace with the maddening speed of their lives. This custom flashlight keychains with carabiners will give […]

Carabiner Keychains – The Best Way To make your brand travel


We all have seen the sturdy load bearing carabiners that are commonly used during sailing and rock climbing. Now these carabiners have also become part of keychains much to the delight of multi tasking enthusiasts. These small sized carabiners may not have load bearing capacity and cannot be used for climbing. However, they function in […]

Custom Carabiner Keychains- The Effective Way To Put Your Brand On Display


Gone are the days when keychains used to be plain and bland rings that were designed only to carry keys. These days keychains have become brawny, stylish and above all multifunctional just like the case of these custom carabiner keychains . Though these are simple and cost effective, these keychains will help the users to […]

10 Fun Things To Do With A Carabiner Keychain


Halloween trick or treat bag items, holiday season gifts, stocking stuffers and New Year gift bags – Yes, it is indeed the gift buying and giving season for most marketers. The one gift item that comes to everyone when it comes to mass gifting is custom keychains. Highly useful and trendy, not many people can […]

Read It Here On Why These Carabiner Keychains Are Worth Investing For

Personalized 5cm Carabiner With Split Keychains

Did you know that a carabiner is a shortened form of Karabinerhaken which is a German word for the phrase “spring hook”. This tool has so many uses and because of that we have included it in our collection. Our custom Carabiner Keychains are offered in so many ways and designs so that it will […]