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Know Why You Should Use Luggage Tags As Your Promotional Items

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Do you travel frequently? Have you ever had encounters at the airport where while you were waiting for your luggage, you see a few other bags similar to yours? Have you ever had your luggage being stolen or mistakenly taken by other people? Well, there is a solution already to all these concerns and that is by investing into our luggage tags. You might probably be thinking right now what does this have to do with your business? Well, we will explain below what advantages you will get when you use these luggage tags as your marketing items.

Luggage tags are one of the best ways to separate your luggage from other luggage especially at the airport. Frequent travelers often encounter these problems and if you want to help them, investing in these imprinted luggage tag is the way to go. What other better way for your business name to be remembered but during these times when much of your help is needed.

  • Luggage tags will help travelers identify their luggage right away especially when there are bags of similar design and exact color. What advantage will your company get from this? When your prospect or customers travel, they will surely use this for their convenience and everytime they will be looking for their luggage at the airport, the first thing they will look at it the tag attached to their bags. At the same time, when they see their bags, they will also see your business logo. Everytime that your business logo is exposed to the users of these luggage tags, it creates an impression to them and the impact it gives is not only limited to the recipients but as well as to onlookers. A survey was conducted and about half (56%) said their impression of the company improved after receiving a branded promotional gift and all the more that will increase when you use practical helpful items such as these imprinted luggage tags.
  • Luggage tags will help prevent someone from getting the wrong luggage. Once this is attached to the bag, your recipients will have the confidence that his or her bag will not be stolen or mistaken as someone else’s bag. These imprinted luggage tags also comes with a paper where its recipients can write down there personal information such as their names.
  • All of our imprinted luggage tags come with a piece of paper where one can write down their name or contact information. The advantage for this one is when your luggage gets loaded on a different aircraft, they can easily contact its owner because of the luggage tag attached to it. If ever this happens to one of your customers, they will surely be thankful of you and your promotional item because of it their luggage will be quickly found and returned to them.

There are many advantages that these imprinted luggage tags can give and as a business owner, you can see the advantage point when you invest in these promotional items. Whether your clients travel by air or by land, they will most likely benefit from your luggage tags.

We have come up with a few designs, fun colors and styles because we want that your recipient’s luggage will stand from all the rest of the other luggage whenever they travel.

  1. Customized Flip-Open Taggy Luggage Tags
    -> This comes in a fun luggage shape to add style when people travel, at the same time, the unique design of this luggage tag makes the travelers bag stand out from the many luggage at the airport.Customized Flip-Open Taggy Luggage Tags
  2. Promotional Loopy Luggage Tags
    -> This is a simpler and smaller luggage tag. You can have your business logo imprinted on it. It comes with a paper where your recipients can write the name and contact number. It may be small but it comes with different bright colors so that its recipients can easily identify their bags.Promotional Loopy Luggage Tags
  3. Personalized Luggage Strap/Bag Identifier
    -> This is a luggage tag and buckle at the same time. This can be is a belt type luggage tag that can be fastened around the luggage. It comes in 5 different bright colors.Personalized Luggage Strap/Bag Identifier
  4. We have so many other fun designs and styles under our luggage tag category, you may check it here – Luggage Tags and the rest of our promotional keychains at our site.

These luggage tags can be purchased in bulk and we will gladly give you a discount on it. Be part of your customer’s life even when they are away from home.

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