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How Custom Bottle Opener keychains Can Be Used to Market Your Business

Let your customers pop the top, celebrate milestones and enjoy their beverage in style with these imprinted bottle opener keychains. Every time your clients enjoy their favorite beverages they will be reminded of your brand and message. Bottle opener keychains enjoy a lot of exposure and portability since they can be used not just to carry the keys of home or office but as bottle openers as well.

How Custom Bottle Opener keychains Can Be Used to Market Your Business

These custom keychains make perfect hand outs to promote bars, restaurants, wine festivals and more. Offered in a range of shapes and colors, these bottle opener keychains can be imprinted with your brand and message to enhance your brand recall. Bottle opener keychains make versatile and long-lasting custom gifts alright. But you can enhance their branding potential by choosing the best distribution methods.Custom Keychains With Slim Bottle Opener - Blue

  1. As purchase incentives
    Marketers can use these logo items as purchase incentives every time your customers make a purchase. Everyone will love to get something free. Choose attractively colored novelty keychains that will grab easy attention of your recipients. Imprint your brand and message to give it a personal touch and hand out to customers at the billing counter.
  2. As direct mailer items
    Ensure that your promotional literature gets the attention that it deserves by adding bottle opener keychains as freebies to make it more appealing and to bring in a surprise. Make sure that your communication is not lost amidst the tons of communication that people get everyday. By adding a free gift you can make sure that your literature is more likely to get read. Light weight and compact, these logo items are well suited for mailers, which will make a great way to reach out to new customers.
  3. At concerts and festivals
    Now that the holiday season is on, the best way to keep your brand and message on a parade would be by handing out these keychains at concerts and festivals. These practical logo items will keep your brand firmly in your customers’ minds for a long time after the events.
  4. In your staff room
    Make your employees proud about their brand identity by keeping these imprinted bottle opener keychains in the staff room or kitchen. Apart from offering the much needed tool to crack open an orange juice during break time or a beer after work, these logo items will keep your brand on top of their minds every time they enjoy a well deserved break.
  5. As tradeshow handouts
    Tradeshows offer a brilliant opportunity for your brand to reach out to a massive crowd under the same roof. Bottle openers  make excellent tradeshow gifts! Make sure to leave a lasting impression in the minds of the tradeshow attendees by handing out these popular freebies of bottle opener keychains to those who visit your stand. The best part is that these bottle opener keychains will draw the attention of everyone around and will drive a bigger crowd to your booth. These logo items will double up as a business card that will keep your details always at the end of their fingers literally! Every time they need to reach you they know where to look!

Browse our exhaustive collection of bottle opener keychains to pick up a model that suits your budget and theme.

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