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Substantial Reasons To Invest in Custom Keychains as Business Gifts

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Custom giveaways like keychains are fully customizable and make tangible brand reminders for your audience. These are much more long lasting then business cards or other traditional marketing methods like TV or Newspaper ads. Custom keychains could be ubiquitous items that may not ring a bell a possible marketing tools.

Here are some benefits of custom keychains that you might not have thought about

Builds customer loyalty

Building a target base of loyal customers is the primary objective of every marketer. So, customers become loyal to companies that seem to understand their challenges. Offering high utility giveaways like keychains make the lives of your customers easier and leave a personal touch to your business promotions. By developing customer loyalty, businesses can increase customer retention and generate long-term revenue and growth.


Keychains are widely accepted  across all industries and  will fit every promotional setting. It is thus a clever way for businesses to keep their brand in front of the audience to enhance brand visibility and gain new leads.  In addition, keychains are something everyone needs in their daily lives. So, marketers can use these logo items to engage every genre of audience irrespective of age or demographic differences. Thus keychains help you promote your brand to your target audience and ensure maximum ROI.

As contest giveaways

Social media giveaway contests are indeed a fun way to engage your followers and boost brand awareness. Custom keychains make amazing contest prizes as they are fashionable, functional and budget friendly. Choose novelty models or multifunctional models like flashlight keychains, customize it with your brand and message to make cool prizes that people will love to win.

So, all you need to do is factor in your brand’s marketing goals and create a giveaway contest to help you achieve them. Moreover, keychains even make souvenirs of events and interesting collectibles that people cherish for a long time.

As trade show swag

Distributing custom  keytags to potential business partners and customers at trade expos is an effective way to get your brand name out there. Apart from spreading the word about your brand and services, custom keychains will go a long way in taking the business relationship beyond the event.

Besides, custom keychains are practical handouts that will keep your brand top of mind. They strengthen your branding strategy and will even help boost brand visibility. You can also choose a model that suits your brand image, add your logo and message and enjoy a high ROI.

As employee gifts

Turn your team members into your best brand advocates by handing out custom keychains as employee gifts. Just think of the impressions they make everytime your employees carry these exclusive branded keychains wherever they go. It will even make your brand their talking topic.

As fund raising items

Keychains win hands down as fund raising items thanks to its low cost advantage. Starting at prices of a few cents, keychains can be sold at a higher price to raise funds to support your social cause. Moreover, everyone will be excited to be part of this event and will be happy to purchase keychains. Afterall, it is something that they can use and even show off to everyone as a token of social commitment.

Whether you need custom keychains  as giveaways or employee gifts, explore our catalog for the best options.

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