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Interesting Ways for Businesses to Use Keychains in Promotions

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The primary objective of every marketer is to make your brand familiar to their customers. Every time someone comes across a familiar product, they are more likely to buy it. So, if you have been looking to increase sales and expand customer reach, you should obviously include interesting custom giveaways like keychains in your promotions .

Custom keychains will help your reicpeints to udentify their different keys that may all look alike, while the marketers can put their logo in people’s hands. Win-win. Besides, you can create your own custom keychains and ensure people remember your business every time they reach for their keys.

Here are some interesting ways to incorporate keychains into your promotions.

As Contest giveaways

Contests will definitely make one of the most effective promotional strategies.  It will spread the word and let as many people as possible know about your  brand. Moreover, everyone love to participate in fun contests, especially if they can win a prize for their effort. Keychains make  budget friendly giveaways for any business to ensure great results.

As referral gifts

Reach out to your loyal customers and appreciate their patronage by handing out custom keychains as referral gifts.  It will also inspire them to get more people through the door by referring your business to them. keychains can also be customized as giveaways for a product pre-launch event or special promotions for your clients. This will definitely makes your loyal customers feel honored and get them coming back for more. In addition, they will share their wonderful experience to their friends and colleagues, which in turn will set off the much desired word of mouth publicity for your brand.

For  Social Media Competitions

Keychains will make great giveaways for online contests, campaigns and sweepstakes. It’s indeed a fun way of getting your digital audience excited about connecting with you. The more attention you get, the more fans you gather.

As mailer items

Mailer campaigns are indeed one of the most effective promotional method even today. Keychains being light weight and compact will surely make great mailer items along with your newsletters that you send to everyone on your mailing list. Unlike sending a random email, newsletters will let you include photos, product information and other details. Newsletters will thus make your customers well  informed when they make a purchase.

For  In-Store Promotions

Physical businesses with actual stores can even employ custom keychains as promotional giveaways. Moreover, you can use popular models and add well-designed artwork to turn it into a tangible reminder of your brand. This way, you can engage your recipients with your message on a long term basis.

To announce special sales and Events

Attract more people to your stores with an open house event, a kid’s day event, a sidewalk sale or more. Customize keychains with the event details and your contact information to build up a buzz and make the event memorable for a long time.

So, weigh the options listed above to choose the best method for you to include custom keychains in your promotions.  Need help in choosing the right promotional keychains  for your business? Contact us now!

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