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How keychains Are The New Status Symbols

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Keychains are the middle names of convenience as it will make lives easier ad better organized. Keytags help people to organize their multiple sets of keys and keep it safely wherever they go. So, just think of the exposure your brand on these keychains will get as your recipients go about their daily business.

Here are some benefits of custom keychains that make it a great marketing tool

Portable Items Ensure Great Visibility 24/7

Every day items like keychains will allow people to showcase your brand wherever they go.  If brand exposure is what you are aiming for, invest in proven giveaways like custom keychains. Long lasting and well retained, keychains will make consistent impressions at one time investment. Furthermore, customers are more likely to choose brands that offer custom giveaways than brands that don’t.

Easy  to distribute

Small, compact, and lightweight, logo keychains are also easy to distribute compared to other promotional items.  Moreover, marketers can save on logistics expenses and make the most of their marketing budget.


Further, people want something that can help them make their everyday lives easier. This is why there is a huge demand for custom keychains as it will empower them to indulge in their favorite outdoor activities without the fear of losing their keys.


Best of all, key chains are not plain and basic anymore. These days, keychains are even available in a wide range of interesting models and vibrant colors that make them really stand out. The limitless choices will make them appealing to a wide range of customers.

Multifunctional models

Offer more utility for your audience while you get higher brand exposure with these multifunctional keychains . Some of the popular models that can be considered include flashlight keychains, bottle opener keychains and more. These combo models will put your brand on a display every time they use it to access keys or  the add-on features.

 It will make a clever marketing idea because it is not just a practical gift, but attention grabbing as well. These multifunctional keychains will indeed make a remarkable impact on customers.

Budget friendly

Moreover, keychains have one of the lowest costs per impressions, which make it a perfect choice for mass events and budget promotions. Ordering in bulk will cost keychains next to nothing! Besides the low minimum order quantity will make keychains a perfect choice for small marketers and budget events.

Are you interested in having custom keychains customized for your brand? If so, contact our team today!

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