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How Keychain Gifts Make Your Trade Show Booth Memorable

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Trade shows are mega scale business events that let you see other brands while making yours seen! You are confident that your brand is unique and your message deserves to be heard.  However the challenge here is that your prospective clients will see and hear other brand messages every moment, every day. So,  your message is likely to be sidelined especially  during massive events like trade shows and expos.

That is where popular giveaways like custom keychains come into the picture. It will make tangible reminders of your brand for a long time even after the event . These will thus advertise your brand identity to the world outside while engaging your recipients with your message.

However, the catch is that many other booths may also handout Keychains. So, how will you make your custom merchandise stand out from the competitors and make your brand stay on top of their minds even after the event ends.

 Here are three tips to make your custom keychains memorable at the next trade show

Customize with  creative designs

Think of the best fonts, color and text to leave a lasting impression. Whether it is quote, an artwork or something more, the idea should be to leave a lasting impression in the minds of your audience. Think of full color designs, interesting taglines and eye catchy artwork that will arrest the attention of the audience. It will encourage them to  know more about your business. They will even show off these limited edition branded keytags to others; which in turn will ensure the much needed word of mouth publicity.

 Elevate your trade show item

Think beyond  ordinary models in keychains and offer something that will impress the audience . For instance, phone speaker keychains that offer the dual utility of a speaker along with a keytag will surely be a great gift choice for the tech savvy audience of today’s world . Instead of a plain keytag, offer something with a fun twist like bottle opener keychains that come handy not just to organize keys but to pop the top of bottles as well. How about a flash light on a keychain? These items will leave a lasting impression and stand out from the ordinary league of giveaways.

Add a theme

Make your branding exceptional by choosing an interesting theme for your promotional message. It can relate to the season during which the trade show is held or the festival calendar that coincides with the event.  It will usher in excitement into your business promotions.

For instance,  you can choose to handout football Keychains as trade show merchandise to celebrate the football season and to highlight the light hearted profile of your brand image. It will even make a subtle representation of the business goals you have in mind without being intrusive.

Now that you have some top tips on how custom keychain merchandise make your tradeshow booth a crowd magnets, get started by exploring our complete line of keytags. Reach out to our team for customization tips and ideas that will easily put your brand  ahead of the competition. Do not forget to order in bulk to save on your promotional dollars.

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