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How Branded Keychains Increase Revenue And Brand Recall

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Popular branded merchandise like custom keychains will go a long way to promote your brand and draw more clients on a budget. Imprint your brand and message on these logo items and use it for marketing purpose. Reports suggest that companies that handout custom gifts get more brand recognition than those that do not use freebies in their marketing mix. Custom keychains make a popular gift choice for clients, customers and employees during events and tradeshows. These popular gifts also can be considered as party favors, wedding gifts and fund raising items among others.

Custom Keychains With Slim Bottle Opener - Blue

We have a complete line of promotional keychains in all possible models and price rates that range from the pint sized novelty keychains to smart multi tool keychains and the ever popular bottle opener keychains and more. If you have not used custom keychains so far in your promotions, here are a few reasons why you might be losing out on its various benefits.

The top 6 benefits that custom keychains offer for your business

Enhance Brand exposure: Custom keychains will ensure ample brand exposure for businesses as these daily use items stay well exposed most of the time unlike custom gifts that remain inside closets or drawers most of the time. Imprint your brand, message or artwork on these custom keychains and see how these logo items will make interesting talking topics when your recipients hobnob. Custom keychains make handouts that several other people will see and stir off word of mouth publicity. A trendy keychain will grab easy attention. Apart from being a handy way to keep the keys well organized, keychains will make a part of identity and a medium to express their thoughts and hobbies for most people.

Audience engagement at a low cost: In a slow economy, the biggest challenge for marketers will be to plan an effective promotion at easy rates. These budget friendly gifts like keychains will make perfect choices for mass promotions like mailer campaigns or tradeshows to make a long lasting impact. Often a practical and sensible free gift will make a great way to increase customer loyalty.

Increase sales: Reports suggest companies that invest in branded merchandise enjoy more customer support than brands that do not use custom gifts. Apart from grabbing easy attention, custom gifts will also keep your brand and message right in front of the eyes of your audience, thereby boosting the sales and brand recall.

Increase brand recognition: The ultimate objective of business promotions is to increase brand recognition and awareness. To keep your brand and message on top of the customers’ minds they may need popular gifts that will never fail to impress them. Custom keychains will easily put your brand ahead of the competition and make new leads as your brand imprinted on this will get daily exposure. Keychains have one of the lowest costs per impressions as they continue to make your brand popular for a very long time after handing these out.

Tangible: Tangible gifts that the recipients can actually use and want to keep for long are the most effective marketing tools. Custom keychains are something that everyone needs and will put your brand in front of the customers for a very long time.

Budget friendly: Probably the most important feature of custom keychains is its low cost advantage that makes it a perfect choice for all types of promotions.

Can you think of any more features of keychains that make it a perfect marketing tool? If you have used custom keychains in your promotions, share your experiences with us at the comments section.

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