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Custom Combo Keychains – One Item, Multiple Uses!

We all use keychains to keep the keys in place and identify keys, all of which may look alike!  Though we use keychains many times a day, not many of us remember to buy it. This is what enhances the relevance of keychains as free promotional gifts. A keychain is an extension of one’s personality and considering the limitless choices on offer, marketers will not have any problem in finding a unique model that matches the tastes of their audience.

Multi functional keychains

Keychains are not just for tagging keys; there are many handy models with multiple purposes. For instance, these flashlight keychains will guide your way in the dark all the while keeping the keys safe. It is a smart way to navigate in the dark and find the key slot in the dark, which could be tricky indeed without a source of light.

Bottle Opener and Light Keychains

You can also get key chains that will help you defend yourself at times of need. Whistle keychains are perfect choices to consider. The users can let others know they are in need of help. On the fun side, these can even be used for refereeing  during game days.  Businesses can make the best use of these popular keychains to get their brand popularity notched up. Customize these everyday items with your brand, message or artwork to pique interest and to initiate a light hearted dialogue with your audience.

Reflector Key Light with Safety Whistles

Keychains make great collectibles as well. If you are a sports enthusiast you will find sports themed keychains shaped like golf tee, bicycle, tennis racquet etc brilliant choices. It makes a perfect addition to their collectibles and a smart way to highlight their hobbies and ways of life. Sports fans love the chance to support their team, and key chains are a great way to do this. Businesses too will find these useful to support the home team or sponsor sports leagues.

 Car shaped keychains are great to promote car racing events, auto shows and car stores. The interesting shape of these keychains will win it a few extra brownie points easily.

Printed Flashing Car Keychains

Do you have a jovial group of customers to cater to? Imprint custom keychains with jokes or puzzles to satiate their fun craving.  Better still, use custom puzzle keychains Try to express your business message in a funny way to make sure that your audience enjoys every bit of it! Often a light hearted approach in marketing pays off. It will make you stand out in the competition and leave your clients impressed.

Need more tips? Watch this space for more updates and trends in custom keychains to stay on top.

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