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Concrete Reasons to Use Custom Keychains in Your Promotions

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Keychains are everywhere and may look quite ordinary. However,  did you know that custom keychains happen to be one of the most popular promotional giveaways even today? Budget friendly and popular, custom keychains will make perfect business gifts, fund raising items and party favors that make heads turn!

Available in a wide range of models and colors, keychains are easy to customize to turn them into incredible brand reminders. Here are some tips  that  will come handy

Choose a Design

Create a design that reflects your event’s theme by adding colors and artwork that will easily resonate with your audience. Choose an appropriate shape of keychain and a sturdy design to ensure long term usage.

Distribution method

Keychains are light weight and compact, which makes it easy to distribute. You can also place keychains in the billing counter or trade show booth so that attendees can collect  it. marketers can even set up displays with keychains to encourage the attendees to pick them up. Keychains are popular as welcome gifts or keepsakes at the end of the event. This leaves attendees with a lasting memory of the occasion. The best part is that marketers can  distribute keychains in person or as mailer items.

Budget friendly

Probably what makes custom keychains a great choice for even start up companies is its low cost tag. Further, keychains will cost you only a fraction of other promotional items like billboards or newspaper ads; and are available at prices starting only a few cents. So, if you are planning any mass events like trade shows or fund raising events, look no further than custom keychains.

In addition, custom keychains are a fabulous blend of function and fashion while enhancing the overall branding experience. Their customizability and visibility make them an invaluable addition to any marketers kit. By  designing  these keychains , you can even elevate your  event and make lasting memories.

Keychains are something everyone needs in their everyday lives, to keep their multiple keys well organized and secure. So, by choosing custom keychains  as your promotional swag , you offer a high utility swag that your audience will surely use regularly. In addition, it has been proven that  consumers prefer practical gifts that are of use to them. This is yet another reason to invest in giveaways like custom keychains


Keychains can also be used in countless ways. Moreover, no matter how you wish to use it, custom keychains will never look out of place. For instance,   you can customize elegant models like leather keychains as corporate gifts; whereas colorful and trendy plastic keytags will make a better choice to reach out to a younger audience groups like students.  Multipurpose models like bottle opener keychains will make popular fund raising items that will sell like hot cakes! Dual utility means dual popularity, which in turn means that these logo keychains are easy to sell to raise funds for your social cause.

How do you think keychains will fit your marketing needs? Share your ideas with us in the comments section below

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