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Leather Keychains

Leather Keychains – The Trendy Way To Dress Up Any Bag


Gone are the days when keychains were just used to carry the keys in your bag. These days they have become trending accessories that add a unique identity to your bags, purses and even belts. These bring together fashion and functionality and will make a billboard that screams your brand. These make great options to […]

Why Custom Leather Keychains Never Go Out Of Style


Ever wondered why leather gifts are popular? These are inherently stylish and elegant. People who have a taste for the finest things in life often gravitate towards fine leather when it comes to choosing gifts. Businesses can thus easily tug the hearts of their audience by exploring these custom leather keychains that offer a bit […]

Put Your Brand Right Into The Hands Of Your Recipients With Custom Leather Keychains


There are only a very few promotional items that can literally put your brand right into the hands of your customers and custom keychains is one of them! Small, compact and stylish, keychains make perfect choices for mailer campaigns and as tradeshow handouts. However, keychains are available in a range of models and styles and […]

Branded Leather Keychains- The Synonyms of Style And Substance


Leather keychains can say quite a lot about the personality and the brand identity of businesses that hand out these. Long lasting and highly practical, a well customized leather keychain will remain in the finger tips of the users for years together making a constant reminder of your quality products. It is surprising to note […]

Custom Leather Keychains- Creative Keyholders That Show Off Your Brand Message

Promotional Expedition Key Tags

Custom keychains make one of the highest volume products among promotional items for marketers. Sales of key rings are showing a constant rise, which makes it a preferred choice among marketers in all niche markets. Keychains are not just functional but these have evolved to become conversational pieces and mini collectables. Keychains are versatile gift […]

Leather Keychains- Product Spotlight


No matter whether you carry the keys in a bag, pocket or around a belt loop, everyone needs keychains to keep the keys safe. If you are looking for a trendy alternative to a carabiner or a replacement for the old fashioned fob, look no further than these elegant leather keychains. Leather keychains are elegant […]

Let your Logo Be Easily Loved By Your Customers Through These Leather Keychains

Promotional Expedition Key Tags

Did you know that people who are given a promotional item remembers the company or business who gave them the item? Did you know that the longer a promotional item is kept, the more it creates impressions for your company? Do you know that promotional items have proven to have a: High recall Produces repeated […]

Know Why Leather Keychains Are More Appealing

Personalized Leather Look LED Keychains - Red

Leather had been around way back and it has been used for quite a while in the fashion industry. It has been used to make clothes and accessories such as bags. It has also been known as a great material and that is why we have made a category which is the personalized Leather Keychain. […]

How Leather Key Chains Can Impart Elegance To Even A Low Key Brand Promotion?

Customized Key Rings

Give a gift your customer or employee will use every day in the form of these elegant custom leather keychains! A subtle blend of style and substance, leather keychains make perfect handouts during tradeshows event or mass mailer campaigns on a budget! Everyone needs to use keytags daily and every time they take out these […]

Why Custom Leather Keychains are the Best for Grabbing Brand Recognition?

Gifting has been one of the most preferred choices of brand building over the world. Over the years marketers have literally employed thousands of small budget /big budget gifts to grab easy appreciation and build their brand value. Budget, targeted customer base and retention value – are some of the factors that aid in appropriate […]