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Know Why Leather Keychains Are More Appealing

Leather had been around way back and it has been used for quite a while in the fashion industry. It has been used to make clothes and accessories such as bags. It has also been known as a great material and that is why we have made a category which is the personalized Leather Keychain.

People think that when you have a leather made product it is usually expensive but we are proud to say that our promotional leather keychains are actually very affordable. One of our leather keychains can even be availed for as low as $1.28.

So here are the two things why a lot of people love leather and you should too.

  • Leather is a comfortable material.
  • Leather is also long lasting.

When you are choosing a promotional item, you should consider on how long the item will last. Simply put it this way, when you invest in a very affordable item yet will only last for not more than six months it is not a bad thing, right? But what if you will be investing in a promotional product that will last for more than 6 months or could even reach 2 years? Imagine how much you get from your investment. That will be your return of investment. The longer the product lasts, the more impressions you can create to the recipients and the people around them every time they use it. Our leather personalized keychains will able to give you that.

Here are more reasons why you should invest in these personalized leather keychains:

  1. Basically, keychains are put to use at all times. A study proved that promotional items that are useful are kept longer than any other items. 92% of recipients kept the item because of its usefulness.
  2. Leather keychains are attractive. A study proved that 29% of recipients kept the item due to its usefulness.
  3. Leather keychains are considered of high value compared to any other keychains. A study proved that 7% of recipients kept the item due to its high value.

The information above are proven statistics. These are ideal for your reference point when purchasing or investing in promotional items. Though we have quite a few items under this category, we would like to share a few of it below.

  1. Personalized Leather Look LED Keychains
    This personalized keychain comes in five colors which are red, blue, black, brown and silver leather. It comes along with a LED light which is very useful during emergencies. This can be availed for as low as $0.81. It only weighs 13 lbs. which is very convenient when being carried at all times. It comes with an imprint area of 1”x1/2”.Personalized Leather Look LED Keychains - Red
  2. Promotional Expedition Key Tags
    It is available in black, blue, lime green and red color. It has an imprint area of 1 ¼”x1”. This product can be laser engraved to make the markings last longer. This is a personalized leather keychain with a metal plate.Promotional Expedition Key Tags
  3. Custom Imprinted Leatherette Key Tags
    If you prefer something that looks a little bit more classy and expensive, this is the perfect keychain. You can avail this for as low as $1.79. The imprint method for this personalized keychain is laser engraved which gives you an assurance that the name will never fade away. It only comes in one color which is shiny silver with black. Its imprint area is 7/16”x1 ½”. Its material is etal leatherette.Custom Imprinted Leatherette Key Tags

Today is the time that you should try investing in these personalized leather keychains or any of our personalized  keychains. It will surely upgrade your promotional standards and nobody will ever say no to a personalized leather keychain.

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