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Bottle Opener Keychains- The Best Way To Put Your Brand Right Into The Fists Of Your Recipients

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At a time when people are always on the move, the popularity of portable gifts like these bottle opener keychains has also gone up manifold. You never know when you will be in a party mood and need to pop the top of a bottle of soda or beverage. Bottle opener keychains are easy to carry around as these slip easily into a pocket or purse and help your recipients to carry keys and have a bottle opener in hand at all times!


Bottle opener keychains make budget friendly hand outs for mass promotions like events, tradeshows and mailer campaigns. Well received and retained, these logo items are something everyone needs for their home office or even on the move. Be it for picnics, corporate parties or a weekend cocktail party, these logo items from budget keychains will leave a lasting impression.Customized Bicycle Shape Bottle Opener Transportation Keychains

Offered in a range of colors, shapes and styles, these products can be easily customized with your brand message to make it stand out during any occasion. These delightful bottle opener keychains will change hands easily and might even get flicked by the friends of your recipients considering the overwhelming popularity that these logo items enjoy. You can place bulk orders to make sure that you have adequate number of these bottle opener keychains for everyone in your list.


These bottle opener keychains are of superior quality and make a reliable option to pop the tops. Offered in various models like acrylic, aluminum, metal and plastic, we have something special for everyone. Sturdy and light weight, these are easy to carry around and will not weigh down your wallet unlike conventional bottle openers.


From simple and straight to complex and quirky, we have bottle opener keychains in all possible shapes and models. Be it cycle shaped, snake shaped, rooster shaped or more, we have bottle opener keychains in all possible colors and themes. Great for camping, tailgating or color themed events, these bottle openers are sturdy and long lasting, which will take care of your happy hours and keys alike.


Custom Keychains are versatile promotional gifts that can be used to promote all types of businesses and brands. Everyone uses keychains irrespective of their age or gender and when they have a bottle opener too with it, the functional value of these custom gifts will go up manifold. Small enough to fit in your hand, these logo items work well and last a long time.


The bottle opener keychains lure the hearts of everyone with its adorable shapes and colors, which make them popular collectibles as well. Some are curved and sleek, others are long and straight and some are shaped like animals or maidens or even as keychains. Choose a model that matches your needs and budget and see how these logo items will make a long lasting custom gift that will make the lives of your recipients easy and a lot simpler.

Need more? Browse our collection and choose bottle opener keychains that match your theme and budget. If you find it a bit overwhelming, just call us for tips and assistance.

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