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Why Custom Keychains Are Popular Giveaways Even in Today’s Digital Age

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Digital marketing has an important role in the marketing plan of businesses these days. However, it has not reduced the importance of in-person interactions and emotional connections during business promotions. For this reason,  tried and tested giveaways like custom keychains will always have a great place in the marketing strategies of businesses of all types.

Custom logo keychains allow organizations to connect with their customers closely and serve as a reminder for a long-time. Surveys show that customers who receive promotional giveaways are more likely to be repeat customers. When you hand out high utility giveaways like keychains, your business visibility will go up manifold.

Keychains are easy to distribute

Keychains are light weight and compact, which makes it ideal for networking events, business events and mailer campaigns. If you are planning a targeted promotion, there cant be a better choice than custom keychains to get your message across and engage the audience with your logo.


Keychains can be used effectively by businesses of all types thanks to its mass appeal and high utility. Whether you wish to promote your brand, raise funds for a cause or reach out to employees, keychains will meet your promotional goals with ease.

Still not convinced; check out a few reasons why custom keychains are relevant to your business.

 Perfect for targeted promotions

Unlike other forms of digital marketing like social media, or traditional promotional items like billboards and TV ads, custom keychains have a higher chance of reaching your target audience. While it is easier for your prospects to ignore traditional ads, promotional keychains will keep your message in front of their eyes for a long time. Thus they  would remember your business name instinctively when they need your services. Further, just think of the countless impressions these keychains will make every time your recipients carry these around and people around see it.

Keychains  create long-lasting impressions

Custom keychains are well retained and long lasting promotional products that last for 4-5 years. Thus they will continue to make valuable impressions for your brand at one time investment to generate brand loyalty.


Keychains make moving billboards for your brand. People carry them everywhere and your message will reach a wider audience. So, if you wish to get additional exposure without any repeat effort, there cant be a better choice than custom keychains..

Offer great utility

Custom keychains are probably one of the most useful items people use regularly. A handy product will enhance your brand appreciation every time customers use the product.

Keychains are affordable

Unlike traditional ads or digital promotions,  custom keychains are pretty budget-friendly and provide one of the best ROIs. The low cost advantage of custom keychains will make it a perfect choice for start up companies and those with modest  marketing budgets.

Available in a range of trending models

You do not have to restrict your choices to traditional models like leather or metal keychains. You can easily take your  promotional game a notch higher with interesting combo models like bottle opener keychains or flashlight keychains. Plus, they are super cheap when produced in bulk. Imagine the positive impressions these multifunctional keytags will continue to make even after your event.

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