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How Custom Keychains Will Help You Meet your Green Marketing Goals

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Custom keychains are higly useful for everyone to keep keys safe and at easy access. Studies show that an American household may have an average of  six keychains. Whether it is to hold their car keys, home keys or office keys, everyone needs key chains. For some people they make excellent collectibles as well.

Keychains are ecofriendly

Thanks to the high utility advantage of custom keychains, these giveaways enjoy a fairly high retention. As they do not end up in landfills quickly, keychains fall under ecofriendly gifts that  businesses can use to project their sustainable image while  providing value to people’s lives. Every time they use these accessories, your prospects will become more  receptive of your brand.

Besides, keychains typically cost less and use fewer resources during production. Thus they leave behind very few carbon footprints compared to other giveaways.


Premium quality custom keychains last anywhere between 4-5 years. Thus your brand will get consistent impressions for a long time. The best part is that your message will be noticed not just by the recipients  but even people around who happen to see it. Talk about word of mouth publicity!

Budget friendly

Keychains will cost only a fraction of most promotional items and are available at prices starting only a few cents. Thus it makes a great choice for low budget promotions and startup companies. For mass events like trade shows also, keychains will make a perfect choice.

Fully Customizable

Keychains are customizable according to your promotional needs. Make the best use of the high visibility imprint space to place your logo, message and artwork to make it complement your brand image. Whether running a special campaign or standard promotions, keychains will surely make a great choice. Be personal with the messaging. So, think beyond the basic details like logo and contact details by coming up with a catchy tagline or an artwork that matches the theme of your business. It would be beneficial to stay true to your brand’s voice. 

Multiple material choices

Custom keychains are available in various material choices like metal, acrylic, plastic, leather and a lot more. So, you can easily choose models that will appease your crowd and match your promotional theme. For instance, if you have an elegant corporate crowd to reach out to, choose classic models like metal keychains or leather keychains. For a younger audience group, models like floating keychains or combo models like bottle opener keychains will be a great choice.

Tips for green marketing using custom keychains

Be authentic:

Make sure you are  authentic to green marketing and incorporating environmentally friendly practices in your business. It will boost your reputation and social commitment.

Use eye-catching designs

Lets be frank about it. Everyone loves innovative models and keychains with eye-catching designs. In fact it is one of the most effective ways to pique people’s interest in your business. By including popular handouts like keychains you can  create a sense of brand familiarity among your recipients. People will start identifying  your business every time they see these custom keychains.

Plan a targeted marketing

Promoting your brand to everyone might not be a good idea. Make sure to focus on your niche market before you move on to other audience groups. For instance, businesses in sports apparel retail, can think of handing out custom keychains at sports events to reach out to the target audience and promote their brand where it matters the most. Choose sports themed keychains like golf ball or soccer shaped keychains to drive up the engagement and fun.

Green marketing with custom keychains will put you ahead in the competition  It will show people you are not only for making a profit and care for the environment. Browse our collection to get started. So, how do you think keychains will enhance your green marketing initiatives? Share your ideas

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