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Why Should Businesses Invest In Promotional Keychains

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Promotional keychians are everywhere; these ubiquitous items may not have any novelty factor to boast about. However, it still continues to be one of the most popular giveaways among marketers. Easy to customize with your brand and message, custom keychains do make incredible marketing tools for businesses of all types.

Keychains help businesses to achieve their marketing goals while being useful to the recipients. Moreover, marketers can include it in all types of campaigns. For instance, logo keychains make a great option as trade show swag, fund raising items, promotional freebies, contest prizes, referral giveaways and more.

But how exactly logo keychains help boost your marketing?

Improves Brand Recognition

Every time your recipients carry your custom keychains , they become your best brand advocates that endorse your brand. It will further enhance your brand awareness and recognition.

Creates A Lasting Impression

Custom keychains are perfect for making a lasting impression on your customers. Every time they see or use your keychains they will think about your brand and will prompt them to try your brand in the future.

Ensures Long-Term Exposure

Accessories like keychains often last very long. By putting your brand name and logo on these everyday items, you can ensure the long-term exposure of your brand to a new and varied audience.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Investing in promotional keychains is one of the most cost-effective ways of advertising your brand. It can be used repeatedly and hence will ensure ongoing exposure for the longest time without any additional cost. Keychains have one of the lowest costs per impressions in promotional items.


It may make you think that the simple analog items like keychains may now be redundant. But in reality, it will still be widely used in homes and offices even in today’s’ age of keyless security like biometrics. It means that investing in promotional keychains can help your business get noticed without you needing to spend a fortune on other marketing channels. People of all age groups and demographics will find keychains useful. Some people may even use keychians as collectibles or decorative items for bags or wallets.

Highly visible

In addition, keychians always remain out and about and will grab easy attention of people around. Every time your recipients carry it in their finger tips, toss it over the work desks or leave it on the doors, your brand on these keychains will get a grand display. This subtle brand display is what turns into brand impressions.

Limitless options

Gone are the days when keychains used to be bland and boring. These days, you can choose from a wide range of interesting models like floating keychains , multitool keychains, novelty keychians and more. Combo models like flashlight keychains or bottle opener keychains that make lives easier. More the utility of your merchandise more will be your brand exposure.

Keychains are indeed handy giveaways with a high utility value. This in turn will ensure a high retention among recipients and keep your brand next to your target market. So, if you wish to advertise your business and captivate any audience, invest in custom keychains – they work!

So, how do you plan to incorporate keychains to your marketing plan? Share your thoughts

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