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Why Are Promotional Keychains Still The Most Trending Swag

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Even in today’s digital world, these humble keychains continue to be one of the most effective marketing tools for businesses. For recipients, it is the most reliable way to keep their keys safe. So, businesses can utilize this impactful promotional product to stand out from the competition and draw the attention of potential customers. And there is no better promotional item than keychains to achieve these desirable marketing goals.

Here’s why it is still one of the best-selling promo products.

Universal Appeal

Keychains are highly-practical. It is useful for every genre of users irrespective of their age or demographics. Whether your target audience includes students or professionals, keychains make perfect promotional products for all of them.

Easy to distribute

Being light weight, keychains are easy to distribute in person or through mailers. Being easy to distribute, keychains will make a wonderful giveaway for mass events like trade shows or mailer campaigns.

Budget friendly

If you are looking for an elegant promotional item for your employees or business associates, look no further than keychains. They are cheap and hence can even be bought in bulk without breaking your budget.

Limitless options

One of the biggest advantages of keychains is that there offer several amazing options to choose from. From simple and colorful plastic keychains to elegant metal keychains, there are countless models to consider.

Easy to customize

Keychains offer multiple customization options that match keychains of various material choices. For instance, if you are choosing leather keychians, the best imprint method will be embossing or debossing, whereas for metal keychains laser engraving is a great choice. Screen print and color transfer are ideal customization options for plastic keychains.

Bigger Exposure

Keychains change hands very often. For instance, every time you pass around the keys at valet parking, a new set of people will be seeing your message. Being portable, they make great marketing tools to increase your brand’s reach without any repeat effort or investment.

Constant, Long-Term Reminder

Unlike other conventional marketing tools with a short shelf life, keychains ensure long term exposure that can last months or even years. Did you know that most people wont even think of replacing their favorite keychains once they become familiar with it. Keychains even double up as a great way to identify the different sets of keys that your recipients need to carry. Since keychains are used almost daily, they constantly expose your brand and make it memorable to the users.


Unlike flyers and other less practical promotional items, keychains are never discarded. Handing out promotional keychains with your business name can ensure that it stays in plain view of the audience for a fairly long period.
Custom keychains also remain one of the most effective promotional tools for businesses of all types and sizes. No matter what your business niche or target audience type is, keychains are indeed the best way to achieve your goals on a small budget.

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