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What are the popular promotional keychains under $1?

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If someone has told you that, you cannot secure a worthy promotional gift under $1. Perhaps they are blindfolding you or they do not know anything about promotional keychains under$1. Here we have tried to inform you about such custom keychains under $1 after scouting different websites selling custom keychains.

  • Custom Bottle Opener KeychainsThese are the cheaper promotional keychains and you can easily find them as per your budget. At the least, you may be required to pay $0.33 and the last $0.99. Their prices largely indicate the multiple functions that they may essay such as fitted with some LED lights or they may be of typical shapes. Some of the best sellers under $1 category of bottle opener keychains are aluminum bottle/can opener, horse head shape bottle opener keychain, duck shape bottle opener keychain, etc.
  • Custom Flashlight Keychains They have been extremely popular with marketers and you can avail them in price range $0.58 to $0.99 depending on their simplicity or complexity. Some of the best sellers under this category of $1 flashlight keychains are – whistle light keychains, whistle, light and compass keychains, poker flashlight keychains, flashlight with tool keychains, etc.
  • Custom Carabiner Keychains The Carabiner keychains can be availed in price range from $0.45 – $0.99 and they are priced according to their sizes and other specifications. You can find them in interesting color profiles. Most of these carabiner keychains can be availed for year around gifting. Custom whistle with carabiner keychains, bicycle shaped bottle opener with keychains holder, personalized roller carabiner keychains are some of the hot sellers under this category. Also, people prefer to order promotional carabiners in sizes 5 cm, 6cm, etc.
  • Custom Compass Keychains Keychains and compass under $1 may ask some, but it is true. Although the choices may be limited, still you can avail them in price range $0.59-$0.99. Simple custom whistle, light and compass keychains are popular on the gifting scene, along with mini rectangular flashlight with compass, durable compass and thermometer keychains and many more.
  • Custom Tape Measure Keychains They make an awesome value gifting choice for marketers who expect the eyes of their customers to twinkle with delight, when being gifted with these keychains. You can avail them at as low as $0.51 to $0.96 depending on the complexity and purpose. Mouse tape measure keychains, apple shape tape measure keychains, light bulb tape measure keychains, square level tape measure keychains are hot sellers under this category.
  • Custom Tool and Hardware Keychains You can find multitude of keychains under this category offered in the price range of $0.29- $0.99. These keychains are priced according to their complexity such as you can easily avail the teardrop shape lottery scratcher keychain at $0.29 and sophisticated Astro LED light keychain at $0.99 and so on. Several budget friendly multi tool keychains, compass keychains, LED keychains can be found under this category.
  • Custom Novelty Keychains There is abundance of choice when it comes to custom novelty keychains, and you can find them in price ranges from $0.42 to $0. 83 These can be availed in any interesting size and shape.
  • Custom Metal Keychains They are elegant, but largely affordable, too. They can be availed in exotic shapes and sizes with multitude of functions such as bottle opener, fashion token, etc. You can avail them in price range $0.39-$0.68. Shark shaped bottle openers, flip flop bottle opener keychains, whistle shaped metal keychains, horse head shaped bottle openers, custom printed Borsa keychain are some of the best selling items under this category.
  • Custom Plastic Keychains They are most popular of all promotional keychains and you can buy them in distinct sizes, colors, and themes. You may find many plastic keychains under $1. Their durability, adorability, and compactness work in their favor.
  • Custom Coiled Keychains  – They become preferable choice for marketers who are targeting youth and wish to get closer to them. These keychains can be availed in vibrant colors as per the requirement.
  • Custom Leather Keychains – You may not get many choices under this category, but still they are worth of consideration. If you want to sculpt a portrait of elegance around your brand, go further and grab these customized leather keychains.
  • Custom Whistle Keychains You can blow the whistle and light up your next campaign by gifting away custom whistle keychains under $1. These keychains attract with their impressive color profile and shape.
  • Custom Environment Friendly Keychains Generally, they are found, in higher price range and are powered with lithium batteries, still you can find some impressive choices under $1.

You can avail benefits of free shipping, free online design proof, and free art setup by ordering these keychains from any reputed online stores selling them. This will further your price benefits without compromising on the quality.

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