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Promotional Keychains – Smart Investments in Business Gifts

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Let’s be frank about it! Keychains may not even be a possible choice as promotional items for most marketers. However being ubiquitous or low cost doesn’t make keytags any less effective in getting your message across . Here are the promotional benefits of custom keychains that you will find interesting.

Incredibly Practical

There cant be a custom gift that is more useful than keychains. Firstly, it is something everyone needs daily. So, by putting your brand on it, you can effectively get your recipeinst to remember your brand . Besides, keychains help people to keep keys safely and to easily identify various keys .

 Long term Advertising at easy rates  

Traditional advertising methods like online ads are costly though they have only a short lifespan. Logo keychains on the other hand will make repeat brand impressions at one time investment. The big plus is that as these accessories last for many years, your brand will get a great display not just among the recipients but those around them as well. Thus your brand popularity increase substantially every time you use custom keychains as your merchandise.


Custom keychains are highly versatile, which makes it easier for marketers to use in various ways. They can be given away as part of a promotional campaign or even to thank your loyal customers. In addition, keychains can be mailed out or handed out in person at events thanks to its light weight design .

Highly useful

Promotional keychains are useful on an everyday basis that too for many months or even years . In addition, people prefer to retain promotional products that are useful to them . So, logo keychains will make a perfect pick in improving your brand popularity .


Probably what makes keychains a great addition to  every marketing plan is its low cost advantage. Even marketesr with a modest budget will find keychains a great option. The long term retention and usability of these giveaways will also ensure a high ROI for marketers . So, a great brand exposure on easy budget is your goal , invest in custom keychains.

The average cost-per-impression of promotional keychains is only miniscule. So, if you are looking for giveaways for mass events, keychains will be a safe bet . Wonder how keychains ensure incredible brand exposure? They are something people us on a daily basis . Everytime your clients carry your custom keychains they will have a light hearted dialogue with your brand.

Finally, keychains  help promote an eco-friendly image since they are reusable and long lasting. These sustainable handouts that will reflect your commitment to the planet. It matters a lot because most people consider the ecofriendly features of brands while taking a purchase decision.

Wide range of choices

Custom keychains are available in various models. So, you can find a model that iwill complement your theme .  For instance, for fund raising events, budget models like acrylic keychains,will be a great choice as they will be easier to sell off. On the other hand, for business events, choose premium models like metal keychains

 For more information on custom keychains and its promotional scope, reach out to our team.

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