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How Bottle Opener Keychains Promote Your Brand This Summer

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Beach is one of the top summer vacation spots for most people. Marketers can easily cash in on the holiday trend by choosing interesting promotional handouts like custom bottle opener keychains that come handy for the sun loving audience to pop the top of their beverages as their swag. Every time your clients and employees  are on the beach riding the waves and having fun , you get a great opportunity to promote your brand using these logo keychains!

Bottle opener keychains will make great contest prizes, promotional giveaways and fund raising items among others. These custom keychains offer a large imprint space to flaunt your logo or design. Every time your recipients open their chilled drinks on the beach, during  cook out parties or picnics, your message on these will grab their attention. In addition whoever sees these logo items will surely take a second look at your message. Thus, these logo items create thousands of potential impressions you wouldn’t have had before.

Bottle opener keychains are practical. Who doesn’t need another keychain? As it comes with an add-on feature of a bottle opener, it will become a great promotional item. The best part is that bottle opener keytags make a high utility handout all round the year , which will create top-of-mind awareness among the audience. Everyone needs keychains on a daily basis. So, don’t let your business miss out on these branding opportunities.

Engage the audience in a fun way

Keychains will also engage the audience with your message in a light hearted way. Every time they have these keytags on hand, they will be reminded of your brand.  Well retained and durable, these keychains will ensure assured return on investment as well. Custom bottle opener keychains can make fresh leads, engage your existing customers and  make  persistent impressions and long lasting business relations.

Worth the investment

Apart from being budget friendly, bottle opener keychains are highly worth the investment. Your clients and customers are much more likely to connect with businesses that offer them unique and high utility promotional products. Show your clients and customers that you appreciate their engagement by giving them these logo items.

Long lasting

Keychains are designed to last long and look great. Most people tend to retain their keychains as long as they work. This means your company’s logo will be around for quite a while. Just think of the impressions your brand will make wherever your recipients go.

Limitless options

We have a great selection of custom bottle opener keychains in various shapes and sizes. Complement your corporate colors to help your audience to relate to your branding theme easily. Bottle opener keychains offer the best of both the worlds  of a keytag and a bottle opener.

Make party hours hassle free

It is not uncommon for people to forget the bottle opener during picnics and parties. Help them to keep the party fun on by handing out these combo items of keychains and bottle openers. Whenever your recipients have their keychains on hand, they will have a bottle opener  in tow. Thus these keychains will help your prospects to  be fully prepared!

Looking for more fabulous ideas on how to boost your business exposure, be sure to check out  our collection of  custom bottle opener keychains today.

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