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Cross Shaped Keychains Make Perfect Christmas Gifts For Churches

Statistics say that nearly 50% of Americans don’t attend religious services. Church attendance has been on a decline since the last decade. Every year more than 4000 churches close their doors while just 1000 new churches start! The figures are expected to drop even further in the years ahead as more than 80 percent of Americans are finding more fulfilling things to do on weekends. For the churches that managed to withstand this hard phase too finds the going hard. To propagate their ideas and promote their church, most church organizations have come up with innovative promotional ideas and hand outs like personalized cross shaped keychains. These beautiful keychains make inspiring gift ideas to retain the existing members of the laity and attract new members.


Cross shaped keychains are perfect hand outs for Sunday school, VBS prizes, Easter basket gifts and Christmas tree ornaments and keepsakes. Now that Christmas is only a few weeks away, it makes a great time for churches to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and the essence of Christianity with these beautiful cross shaped keychains.

A cross symbolizes eternal love and sacrifice and is the most revered religious symbol among Christians all over the world. During Christmas, spread hope, peace and joy with cross shaped keychains that can be personalized with the message and contact details of your church. It makes a great gift idea for church choir groups, pastoral congregations, churches, social organizations and convents among others.Custom Cross Shape Keychains Holder

It can be offered as a festive greeting token during Christmas or other months of religious importance. Most people are likely to retain it for long time as the symbol of perseverance and austerity.

Budget friendly and highly popular, these keychains are easy to distribute and will tick the boxes of even mailer gifts. Available in four different colors, these personalized keychains will keep your message right in front of your audience for a very long time. Every time these keychains get used, these will grab the attention of everyone around. People will surely be interested to know from where they can get these symbols of divinity that double pull as a handy keychain.

Practical gifts like keychains make versatile gift ideas to reach out to a mixed audience of people of all age groups, gender and demographics. So, church groups looking for a gift item that complement their theme and appease all types of audience can place their bets on these highly functional daily use items.

Browse our collection and pick up personalized keychains that complement your theme. We would love to hear from you on how you employed these powerful logo items in promoting your religious order.

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