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Branding Opportunities of Custom Keychains

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Keychains enjoy a high visibility as these are items that everyone will need. Make use of the space for printing your logo or brand name in colors that complement your brand colors for a better brand recall. Clever brand positioning allows your brand to create a larger brand following even beyond shop floors.

 Keychains travel long distances along with your recipients thereby taking your message into a wider audience group.  Keytags in quirky shapes can instantly draw in customers and make excellent collectibles as well.  It will also depict your friendly brand image and are instantly recognizable. A well customized keychain will indeed make a great brand reminder that will definitely encourage repeat purchase as well.

Indeed, there are many ways to customize promotional keychains for your brand campaign. Although small, keychains make a high utility gift, that makes an inexpensive way to boost top-of-mind awareness among your customers.

 You can choose eye catching yet small designs that will stand out on the small imprint space of Keychains . Choose from a wide range of customization options like embossing, debossing and screen printing among others, depending on the material of the Keychains that you are choosing. You can even add a secondary branding message on the  other side of the Keychain for better  visibility.

How to use Keychains in business promotions

As trade show swag

Trade shows indeed offer a high profile platform for marketers to reach out to the clients; and make networks with other business owners. So, you need some great giveaways that will highlight your brand visibility and make your booth an absolute crowd puller. Also, choose interesting models like floating keychains or themed keychains that complement your product line. For instance, a bike shaped keychain will be a smart choice for bicycle stores whereas a lifestyle store manager can think of tapemeasure Keychains

As fund raising items

The best fund raising items are low in cost yet high in utility. Thus keychains tick all the boxes of a fund raising item. Choose from a wide range of models including multi-functional models that are hard to resist. Bottle opener keychains or flashlight Keychains are best examples in this category.

As corporate gifts

Further, keychains win hands down as corporate gifts and employee appreciation giveaways. Choose elegant models like leather keychains or metal Keychains that will definitely appease every genre of audience. Add your logo, message and artwork to make it stand out nicely.

As mailer items

Make your business mailers more interesting and engaging by adding small freebies like keychains. It is indeed a clever way to enhance the value of your mailers without breaking your budget. Choose from a wide range of interesting models and make your brand part of their everyday life.

Looking for more promotional ideas?  Follow our daily blog posts on custom keychains to stay on top of the trends.

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