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A Few Reasons Why Your Company Needs Custom Keychains

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Popular promotional products like keychains are one of the most highly regarded forms of advertising; considering its high shelf life and visibility. Conventional ads like newspapers and mobile ads have only a short shelf life and are quickly forgotten about; however giveaways like custom keychains will make repeat impressions for your brand.

If you haven’t considered using custom keychains as your promotional swag, here are some reasons why your business needs custom promotional products

Increase Brand Awareness

Irrespective of the industry,  it is crucial for marketers to stay competitive and get their customers remember their brand. Putting your logo on highly practical giveaways like keychains is indeed a proven way to build brand awareness and create brands that people remember.

 Gifts evoke a sense of reciprocity

Studies show that as much as  51% of people are more likely to do business with a company that gave them promotional giveaways. Every day items like keychains help to get your name out there and build trust among the audience.

Make  Conversions

The basic objective of  every marketing campaign is to make conversions and drive revenue. These interesting giveaways of custom keychains will make reminders that get people to make a purchase. For instance when you distribute custom keychains in a trade show, everyone at the booth. will see your ad on it. Not only does this promotional product help with brand awareness  but  encourages the attendees to make a purchase next time.

Keep Your Brand  on top of their minds

One of the main reasons to have promotional products is to help keep your brand at the forefront of consumers minds. High utility giveaways like keychains generate thousands of impressions in  its lifetime, which makes it one of the most cost effective swag in the promotional world . As  people continue to see your brand, they will think and talk about your brand for a long time even after the event.

Foster  Relationships with Prospects

Marketing is all about building and fostering relations with clients. No matter whether you choose to give it as individual items or gift bag items, custom keychains will never fail to leave a lasting impression. Easy to distribute, logo keychains will fit your campaign in countless ways; like contest giveaways, promotional items, fund raising items and so much more. These will even make excellent mailer items with your business newsletters.

Competitive ROI

Unlike other marketing strategies, custom keychains are highly affordable, especially while considering the cost per impression , which will be less than a cent. Traditional  promotions like billboards and TV ads are costly though they have only a short shelf life. This is what makes logo keychains a great choice for budget promotions and mass events.

Keychains make word of mouth publicity

Further, your recipients will pass around custom keychains to others and hence they make incredible word of publicity. Keytags are one of  the most popular promotional items among marketers thanks to its low cost advantage and infinite popularity among the masses

Everyone loves this promotional item that they can use every day. In fact, keychains enjoy a long shelf life and have an average retention of many months.

Environmentally Friendly

Keychains are long lasting and wont end up in land fills easily . So marketers that strive to reduce their carbon footprint can make custom keychains their swag. It will show consumers that your company is moving towards sustainability.


Keychaiins are also available in a wide range of  multifunctional models; and hence are  more likely to outlast other  freebies. Marketers can thus up  their ante even further by handing out these multifunctional keychains, that offer dual utility at the cost of one.

From the obvious use of carrying  keys; easy customization option of keychains makes them a perfect item to help build your brand. Add your logo and artwork on these logo items before giving out to customers.

We have everything you need to get started and make an impact. Start exploring right away.

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