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Reasons why Businesses Should Make Custom Keychains as Merchandise

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Business promotions need not be serious and brain wracking at all times.  You can obviously make it light hearted and engaging with interesting handouts like custom keychains. It is one of the most effective and most affordable marketing tools that nobody can resist.  By handing out these high utility accessories, your brand will enter the lives of your customers. Every time they use these accessories, your clients will see your brand and remember your products. Thus they make tangible reminders of your brand for a long term.

Budget friendly

No matter how big or small your budget is, custom keychains will surely make a perfect choice because it is available in just about every price rate. Logo keychains fall into the lower price bracket, which makes it an ideal handout for not just clients , but even during mass events like trade shows or personal events and parties.

Ideal for Target promotions

Conventional promotional strategies like radio and newspaper though expensive might not be effective in getting your message across to people who may be your potential customers. This is what makes custom keychains a great choice because marketers can send out keychains through mailers, or distribute to their target audience in person to ensure the best results.

Keep in mind that while choosing keychains as your swag; you are gifting something that the customer will find useful even after the event. Thus keychains will have a high perceived value even while being budget friendly.

Keychains engage your audience

Popular handouts like keychains will indeed build a bond between you and your customers and engage them with your brand. This in turn will enhance  their brand loyalty.

Keychains act as a business card

Logo keychains even double up as business cards. So, your logo will remain in plain sight of your audience for a long time. Practical giveaways like keychains are seldom discarded. Keychains will thus make long lasting reminders of your brand at one time investment.

Keychains  build  brand awareness

More the brand awareness, easier it will be for customers to  recognize your company. So, by adding your logo and message on these popular handouts you can familiarize your audience with your brand and drive up their brand recall.

Budget friendly

Keychains are a very effective and a low-cost way of marketing  to popularize your brand and make new leads. In addition, these giveaways will also create the best first impression in their minds. Small and medium-sized businesses that may not have a big promotional budget on hand will find custom giveaways like keychains a great choice. Such popular giveaways will draw the customers closer to your brand. This means that with a one-time financial investment, you advertise your company to the customer for a long time to come.

Keychains increase customer loyalty

Having loyal customers is something every successful company will strive for. It is essential to work hard and persistently to reach this objective.  Let’s be frank about it!  Keychains are giveaways that not many people can resist thanks to its functionality and fashion features. Wow your customers with these fashion forward gifts and turn them into your brand advocates that will set off word of mouth publicity and make new leads.


Keychains will fit into any marketing plan with ease and will never fail to impress  your customer- no matter what their preferences are. Whether you wish to use keychains as thank you gifts, promotional giveaways, referral gifts or more, keychains will make a great choice. Choose from a wide range of trending models including combo models like bottle opener keychains  or  fun themed floating keychains, – to list a few!

 Interested in making keychains your merchandise? Share your ideas.

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