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Custom Keychains as Real Estate Gifts

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The deal is sealed and the papers signed. Now it is the proud moment to hand over the keys of the new home to your clients. So, attaching a custom keychain to the keys will make the moment even more memorable.
Keychains are modest giveaways but hold unmatched promotional potential ! This gesture will surely leave a lasting impression in their minds for sure. Plus, it will enhance their experience of buying a new home. You are all set to get more referrals as well.

What Are the Best Real Estate Keychains?

There are countless models to choose from. These small and low cost gifts will make perfect tokens of celebration that will be cherished forever! House shaped keychains will complement your realtor theme as well. Add your logo and message on these keychains. It can even be used as a smart substitute for business cards during open houses.

Engraved Metal Keychains

Metal keychains will surely make a perfect addition to any bunch of keys. Celebrate your milestones by investing on these elegant keychains laser engraved with your brand . It is especially great for realtors with big ticket clients.

Tape Measure Keychains

Most house owners may be keen to do some DIY tasks or minor renovation to suit their specific tastes. This is what makes tape measure keychains great gift ideas. Likewise, these keychains make perfect closing gifts for clients buying an old house.

Puzzle Piece Keychains

These custom puzzle piece keychains will indeed make a perfect reminder of how your agency made the overwhelming task of finding their dream home easier.

Bottle opener Keychains

Pop the champagne as it is time for your clients to move into their new home. Treat them to these custom bottle opener keychains that bear the keys. You can even include a wine bottle they can open on their first night.

Heart Shaped Keychains

Heart shaped keychains also show how much you love to find the perfect home for your clients. Customize it with your logo or message. Every time they open the door of their new home, they will feel how much you care for them .

Custom Flashlight Keychains

Light up the special moment of putting the pen on the paper with custom flashlight keychains! These make popular and budget friendly real estate closing gifts that your clients will find extra useful throughout the year.

Custom Leather Keychains

If you’re looking for an exciting handout to celebrate the sale of a special property ,leather keychains will make a great choice. Decorate them with your tagline or community mascot so your clients will immediately feel at home.
Keychains are small and easy to distribute. Moreover they can be used to commemorate any occasion. Buying a new home is a milestone in many people’s lives and a custom keychain will make a great gift to celebrate this moment
In addition, custom keychains make great closing gifts, promotional giveaways, open house gifts or trade show swag. They are cheaper than billboards and will also keep your message in plain sight of your clients.

Summing up

Further, keychains are affordable. So, marketers can hand these out during any phase of the home buying process. Sure, it might not be something fanciful or exotic, but keychains always make a nice gift for a new homeowner!
Choose one of the keychains above or browse our collection for more ideas. We have a great collection of real estate themed keychain collection. Order right away!

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