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Monthly Archives: August 2020

Cool trends in Custom keychains for Summer Promotions

Oakvale Bottle Opener Keyring Keychains

Summer and keychains may not have any apparent link. However, on a closer look, keychains have always been part of the outdoor promotional mix for summer campaigners. Why because most people and families travel, plan vacations and move homes during summer. So, can there be a better handout for businesses than custom keychains to their […]

What Makes Custom Keychains Timelessly Popular?

Micro 1 LED Aluminum Flashlight Keychains

The popularity of keychains has been rising significantly even in today’s digital age. So why do so many people prefer the old fashioned keys to modern security systems?  The answer obviously is simplicity and ease of use. Aside from that, keychains are available in various interesting models and colors that give it a fashion twist […]

Custom Keychains As Mailer Items Will Help You Reach Customers During COVID-19

Eye Shape Bottle Opener Keychains

The year 2020 has been mired by a lot of challenges and uncertainties. Businesses are making a cautious reopening by fine tuning their promotions to shift to a new normal. Smaller businesses have especially had a difficult time to ensure steady revenue and reach out to customers.  Mailers and customized mailer items will make a […]

Are Promotional Keychains  Right For You? Check Out The  Facts

Truck Shape Bottle Opener Transportation Keychains

Every marketer is really into promotional products to get their message out, make new leads and make their brand  stand out in the market. Promotional keychains play a crucial role in every  marketing plan . Here are some facts that you might not have given a serious thought about these ubiquitous items High utility items […]

What Makes Custom Keychains Highly Effective Corporate Gifts

Dual Function Laser Pointer With LED Flashlight Keychains And Carabiner

In today’s  digital world where major deals get finalized over emails and agreements signed online, maintaining a tangible business relation has become easier said than done. Corporate gifts double up as your brand representatives that will remind your message and engage your audience with your business. The idea of corporate gifting has been around for […]

Imprinted Keychains Make Great Gifts For Personal Events And Parties

Goat Shape Bottle Opener Keychains

Personalized keychains are a beckoning product thanks to the creative scope that these gift items offer . Leave a personal touch to your gifts with beautiful wordings, artwork or taglines to  make it more special for your family or friends. The contribution of a printed keychain in bringing back those personal moments is incomparable. Whether […]

5 Best Occasions to Use Custom Printed Keychains

Flashlight Personalized Keychains

Custom keychains will make a smart giveaway to popularize your brand or business and  effectively engage your customers. So, when can you use customized keychains as giveaways? Here are a few opportunities: Charity Events Create awareness about your nonprofit organization and the social cause that it supports with these budget friendly handouts of keychains. These high […]

What To Expect From Custom Bottle Opener Keychains

Bicycle Shape Bottle Opener Transportation Keychains

Everyone loves parties! Whether it is the younger crowd, the mature family audience or everyone in between, there is no need for a specific reason to party; it can even be a way to relax and hobnob with your dear and near ones. That is what makes bottle opener keychains popular promotional items. Interestingly, though […]