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Monthly Archives: October 2022

How Custom Keychains Can Drive Up Revenues

Keychains are one of the best forms of on-the-go advertising during trade shows and promotions. Ideal for product launches, seminars and  conferences, custom keychains  will enhance your marketing strategy  that will literally get your message right into the hands of your recipients.  If you are looking for a compact and budget friendly branding display solution, […]

Keychains Make Popular Thank You Gifts for Small Businesses

Thank You gifts and appreciation giveaways have a great role to play in branding events and promotions. Businesses can show that they care for the employees, add a personal touch to their branding and above all create an emotional connection with the audience. Small businesses with a modest budget, will find cost effective handouts like […]

How to Incorporate Custom Keychains In Promotions

Having a marketing plan in place will surely put you ahead of the game.  Now you can easily take your marketing plan one step further by making custom keychains as your promotional giveaways. Popular and budget friendly, these logo items will easily match every promotional theme and make excellent trade show swag, retail promotional items […]